Live News: Delhi on High Alert as Yamuna Level Rising


The Monsoon season has been good bust very dangerous for many cities this year. Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand have been on Red Alert since 15 days now and there is massive loss of infrastructure and lives over the pass few days due to rains.

After Himachal, it was Punjab on Red Alert. We have seen recently the clogging of the Ambala Chandigarh Highway and the cars floating due to water logging.

yamuna bridge.

Now it is time for Delhi, our capital city to be careful. There have been news coming from multiple parts of city for water logging however, there is no major loss of infrastructure. Today, 12th of July, the water level of Yamuna is rising continuously as it is not stopping to rain. It has crossed all records and is leading to flood like situation in many low lying areas. The City has imposed 144 in the flood prone areas and nearby localities have also been informed to leave the house only when very necessary, otherwise people are advised to stay at home for their safety.

Chief Minister requesting the Center

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of New Delhi has requested the Center to Intervene so that the level of Yamuna river doesn’t rise further. It is expected to reach a mark of 208 meters tomorrow which is the highest this year. As of Now, even in Haryana we have got around 10 people lost their lives due to heavy rainfall incidents.

The Chief Minister of Haryana said that a grant of 4 lakh per person will be provided to the deceased’s families.

Looking at the level of Yamuna reaching a red mark, the government has made all the arrangement for relief and evacuation including food, medical facilities and toilets. The camps have been setup in 6 districts as of now.


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