Chaos with Kia Seltos Car Splits on Chhindwara Nagpur Highway


The chaotic accident which reminds us that speeding on Indian roads won’t bring vibes of fast and furious movie but results in destruction.


  • On June 11th, 3 Occupants out of 5 died on spot and 2 are severely injured.
  • Speeding car trying to avoid hitting a motorcycle led them to hit a bridge.
  • The accident spilt the SUV into two.

kia seltos car accident

KIA Seltos Car Accident – Three humans had been killed immediate and others had been badly injured in KIA Seltos car accident  that has come to be a prime speaking factor due to the fact their automobile split into 2 parts at the Chhindwara-Nagpur toll road on June 11. Numerous photographs of the mishap are making rounds at the internet. According to reports, the Kia Seltos had 5 occupants and was speeding. It hit a bridge while the driving force attempted to save a motorcyclist who he noticed late.


While the 3 rear-seat passengers died on the spot, the driver and co-driving force sustained severe damages and had been rushed to a hospital. Now, the splitting of the SUV Kia Seltos car into 2 parts has come to be a prime talking factor as humans wonder about the manner it became so well split. Most present-day motors are constructed in a way wherein they take most effect on themselves and occasionally even split open.

kia seltos accident in 2 pieces

KIA Seltos Car Accident Case

The police showed that the automobile was not reduce open with the aid of using the rescue group and that it became the effect of the crash that triggered the split in the vehicle. They brought that for the reason that gas tank is simply below the seat and the gas strains run below, no rescue employee could dare to reduce open the ground to save the passengers and we have still gotten any reports stating whether all the 5 occupants followed the safety measures by wearing seat belts or it was just the driver seat occupants who wore the seat belt.

People who noticed accident taking place stated the automobile attempted to keep away from hitting the motorcyclist and swerved right into a culvert at excessive speed, which lead in a structural split.

The KIA Seltos came into the automobile industry recently in august 2019 and banged 3 stars for safety and crash tests (Global New Car Assessment Programme). This accident might bring drawbacks and a backlash image for the company and might face in losing their reputation for their safety measures provided by the car.


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