Jail Superintendent Yogesh Desai to hang Yakub Memon : Dead body will be given to the family


Nagpur. Preparations are on the way for hanging of Yakub Memon, Jail Superintendent Yogesh Desai is going to hang Yakub Memon as per the order of Supreme Court of India. He has been found guilty in terrorists attacks  and convict had been found guilty in involving in terrorism activities and using his knowledge to support the terrorist activities. Yakub Memon who is the brother of Tiger Memon, will be hanged after few hours in Nagpur Jail according to the reports Yogesh Desai have responsibility of hanging Yakub Memon

Section 144 has been imposed in area to avoid any uncertainty, no media shall be allowed inside the jail. Yakub Memon will be given the last chance to call one person before his hanging. Tiger Memon is one of the most wanted criminal for India. Brother of Tiger Memon, Yakub Memon is going to get death sentence for killing hundreds of innocents in terrorist attacks.

Earlier more than 300 people has sent a petition to President of India regarding appeal to not to hang Yakub Memon, but President has ignored the appeal. One of the most prominent reason for rejecting the appeal is to discourage the terrorism activities in India.

yakub memonHanging of Yakub Memon will take place on 30th of July 2015 ironically its the 54th birthday of Chartered Accountant turned terrorist. The entire process of giving the death sentence will take around 2 hours, Yakub shall be asked to have a bath and he would be given the religious book he want to read. After this, he can meet any religious priest to pray for his afterlife.

Afterwards tweet of Salman Khan. Supreme court had rejected the hanging on wednesday, claiming that the procedure followed is not correct.

1993 Bombay bombings is the main reason of Yakub Memon’s Death Sentence. Top commissioners and some officers of Indian Administrative Services will attend the hanging of Yakub Memon