ISRO is planning to reach Venus


After huge success on exploring moon and mars mission Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is now planning a mission to Venus as well.At presebt ISRO is working on Mars-2 mission scheduled in 2018.scientists ha all ready started working on Mangalyaan-2 with Rs 500 crore in Bangalore. 


ISRO chairman Dr Kiran Kumar said,”Besides the Mars-2 mission, we are looking at Venus and even an asteroid for exploration. A project has to be formulated for this before we chart out a proper roadmap for the explorations.  Venus is our neighbour and has many scientific challenges and aspects that need to be studied. Exploring an asteroid is also challenging task.”

Mr Kumar told the news agency PTI,”Over all capability we have demonstrated that we can go up to Mars with a minimal launcher and the next thing will be to look at the science portion and it can be more science driven.”


Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)  will become fourth agency to achieve the feat because before we ISRO completing this Mars-2 project Russia, US and the European Space Agency have had missions to Venus.