Two top aides of Ram Rahim found castrated


The two top aides of Ram Rahim — Lawyer Daan Singh and Rakesh Kumar were found to be missing their testicles following their arrest over the widespread violence carried out by followers of the sect after their leader was convicted of rape in late August. Ram Rahim’s adopted daughter, Honeypreet Insan was also arrested under the same charges.

The Dera chief has previously been accused of castrating approximately 400 of his followers. In July 2012, Hansraj Chauhan of Fatehabad district of Haryana filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court alleging that he and 40p other disciples were castrated at the Dera after being drugged. The recent revelation could substantiate charges of mass castration against Ram Rahim Singh, who is facing 20 years in prison for two charges of rape and has several cases pending against him.

A medical board has been set up by CBI, which is investigating the mass castration case against Ram Rahim. The board seeks to determine the cause for the missing testicles to see if there is a natural explanation.

Chauhan said that it was in 2000, when Gurmeet felt that followers at his Dera should be prohibited from getting married or having sexual life, and asked two doctors to oversee the castration of his devotees and the followers were persuaded to undergo castration on the pretext of union with God.

Some have claimed that this was done because he was a sex addict and was insecure about sadhvis mingling with other male followers. Castrating them was apparently, his way of overcoming his insecurities. He even compelled his male followers to call their wives as sisters.
If any of them were caught with with the female followers or sadhvis, they would be publicly humiliated in the Dera.

However, according to The Economic Times, several of the castrated followers told the court that the castrations were with consent. Gurmeet has also rejected allegations of forced castration, claiming all was done with the consent of the devotees.

Gurmeet is also facing charges for the murder two – A Sirsa based journalist Ram Chander Chatrapati and former Dera manager Ranjit Singh.

Chatrapati, the Sirsa based journalist, had written about alleged illegal activities going on in the Dera and was was shot in 2002. Ranjit Singh, who was believed to be aware of a number of wrongdoings inside the sect headquarters, was shot dead in July 2003.


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