Pallavi Joshi left FTII society following the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the chairperson


Pallavi Joshi, Actress left Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) society after the appointment of BJP Leader Gajendra Chauhan as the chairperson of the society. Pallavi Joshi claims that her decision is because of insulting the students of FTII, who are protesting from last 25 days against the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan.

In the mail forwarded to Information and Broadcasting Ministry it was said “creativity and art can’t prosper amid negativity” . She wants matter to solve so that she can join the institute again and there is no matter of conflicts between the students and ministry, she has also requested ministry to solve the matter ASAP. Adding the lines that its only a temporary resignation, she added she would join after matters solve between students and ministry.

On July 3 Ministry and Student have a conversation but it won’t result fruitful which would lead the resignation of Pallavi Joshi. The FTII students’ demand of re-constitutionalising the FTII society and enabling the fact of open voting and transparency and fair election for future appointments, was evaded by the ministry, with only assurances for the “future”, claimed the press release sent by the FTII Students’ Association.

“I am not happy with the fact that the government is not listening to the students. One can have certain oversights, they can even appoint their favourites. But when the students raise an issue, they should be seriously considered. The Government’s stand on this can’t be so stern that they won’t budge, come what may.”

– Pallavi Joshi has written in the letter, definitely Pallavi Joshi is demanding the ministry to be seriously get concerned to the students` demand and want quick action. The institute have given the film industry top technicians, filmmakers and actors for many years , she added quoting the mismanagement done in the institute. 

Pallavi Joshi has also urged the top ministry to have the direct talk so that matter can be resolved.


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