About 3/4 Rural Villagers earns less than 85$ in a month : SECC


According to the latest reports, 75% of people in rural areas in India are earning less than 85$ in a month which equates around 5000 Indian Rupee. According to report the highest earning member in the rural village is earning about 5000 rs in a month. In the other reports as done by various institutions it was revealed that most of the farmers in India are enforced to do more than 10 hours a day hard work in hot sun.

Despite of the main concerns like unexpected rain and droughts. Indian Farmers are one of the least pay workers in the world. Reports has been come from house of Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC) 2011. Only 8.29 percent of the households falls in class where the monthly income of them goes above 10000 rs which comes around 185$ in total for a month.

According to the survey results around 50% of households in India are ‘considered deprived’ means they are not satisfied from their income or ain’t able to have a living on this much price. As many as 2.37 crore (one in eight) families in villages live in houses of one room with ‘kaccha’ walls and roof.

Around 30% of farmers in India are not having proper facilities to do farming on their own land or doesn’t own any land. They are working as daily labour with a wage rate of 100-200 rs per day.

This census was carried out in 640 districts under the aegis of the Rural Development Ministry. Union finance minister Arun Jaitley and Rural Development Minister Chaudhary Birender Singh jointly released this report on Friday.




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