Hyderabad :Masjid gets attacked in Election campaign


A masjid at Nandi Nagar Banjara Hills  and Islamic welfare offfice gets attacked during the Election Campaign large number of local Muslims including leaders and activists of Telangana Rashtra Samithi staged dharna before police station tension was prevailed in the area

The Masjid Committee and Islamic Welfare Society office was attacked by Congress candidate of Venkateshwara Nagar municipal division Bharati Naik, and Baba Naik  her husband  and the supporters were also with them

Baba Naik and his supporters entered the masjid and seriously assaulted Syed Owais Peeran president Masjid Committee while desecrating the masjid.

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There was the huge crowd and  women were also attacked in the the crowd.

Impressed by TRS policies,  Muslims of the area especially president

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Masjid Committee along with his supporters joined TRS the day before.According to sources the centre offers interest free loans to the needy irrespective of religion  This vexed Congress leaders and incensed Bharathi and his husband Baba Naik, local Muslims said.

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The crowd expressed anger on the police station and starting protesting on the the issue the tension grew as the fight in between the congress and the Muslims increased and  for abusing muslims   they congress leaders this issue seems to have an negative impact of the congress during the elections and this would effect the votes.

This incident was taking seriously by the Muslim leaders,the police took the investigation of the whole issue the people who created panic in the city  would be taken a action against them and the police and security are taking necessary measures so that any incident as such  not created in the city  and till the Elections ends

Tight security seems to be prevailed in the city as for the GHMC  Elections there is no probably no chance of any incident of tension in the city and hope this Elections go without any Disputes.







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