Helicopter Crashed in Kedarnath


helicopter crashed in Kedarnath

Today on 18th October 2022 around 12 PM, where a helicopter taking the pilgrims back from the holy temple got crashed after hitting a hill due to heavy rain and low visibility at Garud Chatti area in Rudra Prayag area of Kedarnath. 7 people killed including a pilot and 6 pilgrims.

The Chopper was reportedly owned by Aryan Aviation Pvt. Ltd, a Delhi based company. Those who were onboard have been identified and the bodies have been rescued by the State Disaster Response Force.

The bodies were identified as 3 Males and 4 females named the pilot Anil Singh, and 6 passengers named Kriti , Sujata, Urvi, Purva Ramanuj , Prem Kumar and Kala.

trecking of Kedarnath Temple

The trecking of Kedarnath Temple is known to be the toughest trek for the temple but when it comes to followers of lord shiva, known to be Devo Ke Dev Maha Dev, there is no end to the enthusiasm of the people. Due to the treak being very steep and hard to climb, there have always been many accidents reported during the journey to kedarnath or coming back.

Kedarnath is a small town in the state of Uttarakhand where the Kedarnath Holy Hindu Shiva temple is located. It is one of the Dhams located very remotely out of the char dhams into the Himalayas.Kedarnath Temple

Lakhs of Pilgrims go to Kedarnath to worship every year and the holy place is open only for 6 months from end of April to starting of November, and for the rest of the 6 months the holy place is closed for worship due to heavy snow and bad weather conditions.

May their soul Rest In Peace and God gives strength to their families to come out of the irreparable loss.


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