Dilip kumar 95th Birthday – Tribute to his stunning legacy


Dilip kumar 95th Birthday – Tribute to his stunning legacy: 

dilip kumar

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar will be playing on his 95th birthday today. After ruling the Hindi film industry for six decades between 1940 and 1990, Megastar rested from acting for his ill health. After acting in Bollywood’s biggest films such as Mughal-e-Ajam, Nayyadar, Devdas, Ram and Shyam and Madhumati, Dilip Kumar (as the birth of Mohammad Yusuf Khan), they themselves were given a ‘tragedy king’ ‘And the compassion-driven roles are critics and experts in the Hindi film industry, admire them with the great actors of Hindi cinema history, Many artists inspire generations to follow their own steps of realistic acting.

Born in Peshawar in 1922, Dilip Kumar left for Pune (present day Pune) in 1940, where he managed to establish a sandwich stall in the Army Club. After saving enough money from earning on the stall, he pointed to Bombay for his fate and work in the rest of the film, saying that he has history in his 95 birthday today in his form as his ring, wife and former Actress SairaBanu has all the plans to treat her favorite dishes – Biryani and Vanilla ice cream – on this occasion.

Keeping in mind the health of Dilip Kumar this year, one exception can happen (with close friends and family), but it is like this that Dilip Kumar celebrates his birthday annually. “Well, the people who do not know what we are doing every year-this is the day when our residence changes with the arrangement of flowers and flowers in a beautiful country of fairies, which means many people,” Sai Banu tweeted on Sunday evening. In a separate tweet, he said: “Many years on the birthday of Saab, our house opens for friends and family all day and spend quality time with DilipSahab. But Tommal will be banned slightly because physicians advise Saab Given that they have any infections. ”

Dilip Saab, who is recovering from pneumonia, will have a small celebration this time at home.”He loves Biryani and who will be made for him, but I will give him a little bit in the form of only unhealthy, he is also fond of the vanilla ice cream, I will ask the doctors if we can give him a bit too. The cake will be, “Bano told PTI.

“We will not do a grand birthday party because he does not keep well. After the reduction of pneumonia, the immune system is not so good, I cannot present it now.”

Banu is also planning to buy the actor a new pair of shirts and trousers. Dilip Saab, an ordinary person who does not have many physical pleasures, loves his ordinary clothes and good food.

“DilipSaheb is fond of good and simple clothes, he likes cotton shirts and trouser and matching shoes and socks. He has a large collection of shoes that he has around the world.

Dilip Kumar has been in the hospital for more than a few years. In December last year, he celebrated his 94th birthday in the hospital, where his fever and swollen feet were being treated.


Directed by Asif, the film was a big hit at the box office. Superstar Dilip shared a big screen with Madhubala and Prithviraj Kapoor. His performance in this film marked the hearts of many people and went to Gaga on his performance in this cult film. In 1960, a drama and romance film was released.  Based on the blockbuster novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, this Indian drama, Devdas, impressed Dilip Kumar as an actor. The film directed by Bimal Roy, co-starred by Visionitimala, Motilal and Suchitra Sen.

Dastan is a 1972 film which was based on the film Afsana in 1951. A box office hit, film production and direction was done by BR Chopra. The main roles in the film include Dilip Kumar, Sharmila Tagore. Following the film, superstar Dilip Kumar won the Filmfare Best Actor Award for the third consecutive year. In 1947, India got independence from the British and Dilip Kumar got her first hit movie “Junun”. This was the biggest earning Indian romantic film directed by Shaukat Hussain Rizvi, in front of Dilip Kumar’s Geetika Noor Jahan.

The anterior actor said that he feels blessed that so many people send their best wishes and prayers for the wellbeing of Kumar.


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