Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Win Miss Universe Crown: Miss South Africa 2017


Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Win Miss Universe Crown – Miss South Africa:

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

The woman representing South Africa has been regarded with the title of Miss Universe crown. Yes!!! That moment has definitely been feeling proud for the world getting a new one as a right candidate to hold this crown.

According to the reports, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has crowned on Sunday. The event organized at The AXIS theater at Planet Hollywood casino-resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

During a pre-taped interview, the Western Cape native revealed the secret in respect of her experience being held at gunpoint turned her dedicated about training women in self-defense. She opens up saying that she wish to organize a self-defense programmed that made her filled with the passion to win the Miss Universe Platform.

During the competition’s Q&A portion, she was also asked about the most important issue regarding women they have been confronting in in the workplace. The fact cannot be denied that she worthy to win this crown as she replied beautifully and with the logic.

She answered logically that in a few spots, ladies are not being paid as they deserve. They probably are getting paid 75% of what men acquire for doing likewise work, working that hours. She added that she does not think that it is going right. And this thing must be get changed as it does not seem correct at all.

Continuing the statement, she also collaborated that we both are human being and must be paid equally. If women do the same work that men do, they should be regarded with the same amount. Women deserve to have equal pay all across the world.

During the event, she was also asked about sexual harassment and she brilliantly answered of this question. She replied saying that sexual harassment is another biggest issue facing by women all across the world. We all need to form some strong rules to not let it happen anymore. It is a form of abuse. And It cannot be justified or tolerated irrespective the workplace or in society. Bennett also said that women deserve respect and they must be showered with it. She also added that according to me men and women should come together regarding this issue and must be professional at work. Inappropriate behavior is a type of manhandle and no mishandle ought to be endured whether in the work environment or in the public arena. Bennett said. “I trust that men and ladies should meet up and be proficient.”

There was a tough competition but this lady won the heart reapplying so beautifully and logically. In the final round, there were total number of 13 finalists including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Spain, Ireland, Croatia, Great Britain, USA, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Venezuela and China. It shows that the right candidate was not only beautiful by face but heart as well. We all wish her a heartfelt congratulation to win this title. Hope she will keep going on good in future as well.


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