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Bigg boss 11 Day 71 – 11th December Full Episode, shilpa akash: 

shilpa shinde

Bigg Boss 11 has now entered the eleventh week and things could not have gone out much.After an emotional week, it is clear that this week will be more fun for the audience because Big Boss will add to the tad of a terrible work. Nominations are eligible for today and so far it is not enough to see how competitors compete with each other in enrollment.BFF Luv Tyagi and Priyanka Sharma will be involved in an ugly battle. There will also be arguments with Arshi’sVikash and Hiten. Keep reading this place for more places.

10: 30 – 10: 45 – Vikas and Hiten talk to each other. Hiten lied to the villagers that they rescued Arshi from enrollment and Vikas told him that he made a mistake this time. Arshi says that Hiten is not there for him and she no longer knows him. In the case of Hiton, Shilpa and Puneesh, Gupship Shilpa say Hitler should have a stand and these games should not be played. Hina and Love Tyagi will remain separate. Love is not guilty to save him and Priyanka. Hina tries to solve, but love does not move. Love comes to the camera and says it’s just diarrhea and will solve your issues soon with your friends.

Love left a letter and said that soon see Hina for her soon. Priyanka tells Hina that she has a soft corner for Luv, Hina says that she is also a human and deserves his feelings. Hina asked, what did you do all day? Love says that I do not have to tell this, which I have heard, I will keep it myself. Priyanka says, tell us, why do you try to hide everything? Love says that I do not want to say anything Priyanka says that we do not expect, Love says, then do not lick. Priyanka talks well, love speaks peacefully, says Priyanka, that is to be lost. Priyanka says, talk with respect. Love accusations on him Hina tries to remove Love.

Priyanka says that do not tell me all this Love says that I will not leave you, you want to mess up. Priyanka says that you want to mess, Love says that he is arrogant, you do not know me, Priyanka says what you want, tell me what you do Can. Love does not mess with me. Priyanka says I mess up, what can you do? What can you do uncle? Love says, do not bring my parents, and do not bring my father in this. They accuse Priyanka but Hina prevents her. Hina asked Priyanka to bring her father, love leaves, Priyanka says that she I am telling ego and everything. Love comes back, Hina says, what is all this? Love says that if the egoistic word was used, I am sorry to feel bad about you, the big thing is Priyanka said that I am not sorry, I am not a soft heart. Hina says, O God, both of you fight so much, there is no majority here.Hina once again apologized for love in the night and Love refused to talk to her till the time of crying.

10: 45-11: 00 – Big Boss announced the nomination work and the house was divided into two red and blue teams. Breaking apples gives the power to nominate the contestants. The team is nominated with most of the lost apples. Suddenly a high horse rides and tells Shilpa to come to save her. The Red Team includes Priyanka, Love, Hiten and Shilpa and the Blue Team includes Akash, Hina, Puneesh and Vikas.

11: 00 – 11: 15 –Akash assures Hiten that it will definitely save them and their team. She threatens Arashi that if she does not save her then she will ruin her life. At first Gong, Arshi broke the balloon of the Akash and destroyed the possibility of any confusion and anarchy. In the next hour, he cut the balloon of Hina. Shilpa goes ahead and Hiten tells Arashi that she will stop vikas at this time. In the end, she takes his revenge from Hiten and nominates his entire team. Priyanka, Hiten, Love and Shilpa.

11: 15 – 11: 30 –  Love knows Arshi needs to behave properly. He says that Shilpa spoke to him and told him that he very clearly asked him to stay away from the Akash. At night when Punish, Arshi and Akash sit, Akash says that he wants to take Shilpa out of the game. She says that Shilpa is strong and she loves him but she wants to take her out. Punash says to Akash that do not bring this topic. Arshi says that Shilpa used to call Akash’s son and now he is feeling the other from the kiss of the Akash? Punish says that I am telling you that the more you take this topic, the more you humiliate, the more a girl, whatever you say in this matter, you will feel bad, I will not say again It will take you down, do not bring it up. Hiton tells Shilpa that they are now releasing it. Akash told Arshi that if Salman scolds me, then I would apologize and say that I used to kiss my mother, sir, you know that my girlfriend is partial, she kicks Arshi’s cheek, Arashi laughs.


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