Bigg Boss 11 Day 69 – 9 December 2017 Full Episode Details


Bigg Boss 11 Day 69 – 9 December 2017 Full Episode:

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This episode of Weekend vapor starts with Salman Khan giving late tribute to famous actor Shashi Kapoor with his song, life is a way of black stone. Salman shows this week’s attraction when the loved ones paid him a visit. Hiten and his wife Gauri get emotional when they see each other but unfortunately they are not able to chat as hiten.

Gauri thanks for the development of Hiten and tells Arashi that she does not have any problem with her flirting behaviour towards her husband. He transfers Hina and during a work, Hiten is stupid when she says, she also tells Hina that her message was for her personally and not for anyone else’s analysis. Gauri tells directly in the sky that he has disappointed him and he liked the way he used it.

After Gauri’s leaves, Hiten broke up and apologized to Hina for Gauri but Hina said that she does not feel bad at all. But behind his back, he worries about Gauri with Arashi, Priyanka and Vikas. Hina says her childish and immature and she feels strange that Gauri did not meet Priyanka and Love. Vikas tells everyone that Gauri only talked to those people who were standing in the house for Hiten. Salman then announced that he would later be surprised at Hiten.

Bigg Boss 11 hosemate conversation with salman Khan

Salman has had a conversation with all the members of his family who had come to his house. He says that he had touched with his father to see the connection between Pune and Luv. She also says that she found Shilpa’s mother very loving and sweet and her mother compared Shilpa. He further said that Shilpa has a great sense of humor and strong will power.

Salman then goes to Priyanka, who was his elder Divya Agarwal at the show. He was facing them and he also announced his break-up, while Priyanka was in the freeze position. During the show Priyanka is the most fun thing to go through the host. Salman literally laughs on the floor because he did not quite understand what is happening between them.

But when Salman Arashi visits, the atmosphere becomes serious. He congratulates on “the captaincy of the poor”, because he became the captain, because he did not fully understand the work. Salman said that soon after becoming his captain, his attitude changed and he also evaluated the development for the captain’s own choice.

Apart from this, Salman also dragged Arashi to Shilpa accusing her of insulting her father. She tells Arshi that the only reason Shilpa had her eyes was when Arshi’s father forgot for Hina and she was trying to tell her that she is not Hina. Arashi tries to justify what she saw, but Salman clearly tells her that she is wrong.

After this, TV actor Karan Patel gives the contestants a piece of his mind to enter the house because he is in the freeze position. He praised Vikas and Shilpa for playing well and working on their relationship. She tells Shilpa that she was his big fan. Then she goes to Hina and says what she is who is a hypocrite. He tells her that she is very forgetful, and that her favorite line is ‘Where I am when?’ is. He reminds him that billions of people are watching him so that he needs to see them.

Karan taunts Arshi for changing his behavior, and tells him to be grateful for anyone (Shilpa, i.e.). He stops the sky from running shirtless.

And as soon as Karan leaves, Arshi Karan is called a Tharki, next celebrity is to enter the house of Rohan Mehra, contestant of Big Boss 10. He asked Priyanka to leave Hina behind. Rohan is also surprised that Priyanka had saved Arshi when she was close friend of Hina. She also tells Arshi that she should not be insulted with Shilpa’s mother. He then advises Hina to fight with combat and should not discuss other actors inside the house because he is talking about everything outside the house.

And now the first boss of the Big Boss enters Karishma Tanna. He praises the development for being a mastermind and says to the sky that he is now confused and he first likes the sky. It was in fact Gauri told him. He told Hina that he looks at himself to be so competitive and aggressive in Hina, but advises that to do the work he does, to practice. Karan, Karishma and Rohan again become panelists and join Salman on stage. He then asks the people of the house to justify their stand. It is time for Haiton to wonder at home, both children made an entry and made them very happy for the words. Gauri also returns and Hiten gives them a home visit. Thank you to Hutton Salman and show for it. Salman asked everyone not to disturb his mother because this is her mother’s birthday.

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