Bigg Boss 11 Day 65 – 6th December | Hina Khan feels that Hiten Tejwani deliberately


Bigg Boss 11 Day 65 – 6th December Full Episode Details:

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In this scene of Bigg Boss 11, after the contorted designations, the challengers will eye for captaincy of the house. As Luv and Arshi understand that they are the minimum famous challengers in the house after Akash, they will attempt their best to win the captaincy.

Each of the housemates get a child like doll to deal with. Each doll is a smaller than usual of another candidate and every doll must be dealt with things like diapers, drain and prams. Arshi Khan, whose doll is a smaller than usual of ShilpaShinde, starts abusing the doll and quits considering the errand important. Things get extraordinary when she tosses the doll over the pram into the swimming pool. Before long, Arshi says she needs to be the commander and begins plotting for the same with Vikas Gupta.

Priyank Sharma loses in the first round itself and is designated the ‘Sanchalak’ of the assignment. He begins examining with Luv Tyagi the approaches to wind up plainly the following chief. Much the same as Arshi, Luv too connects with Vikas for help in winning this errand.

Before long, she will uncover that she needs to be the chief of the house and begin plotting with Vikas on the most ideal approach to win. Priyank, who loses in Round 1 will turn into the sanchalak of the undertaking and get into dialog with Luv on methods for turning into the following chief. Luv then again connects with Vikas for his assistance in winning the assignment.

When the undertaking started, the housemates got occupied in choosing who they need as chief and how to make their favourtie hopeful win.

ShilpaShinde’s doll was accountable for Arshi, who neglected to stop her pram along these lines thumping Shilpa out of the race. The scorn between the previous closest companions is developing every day.

From that point onward, Hiten was out of the race as Akash didn’t stop his pram.

Puneesh and Akash too were out of the captaincy race.

As the commander of the house, Vikas was made a request to spare a challenger. This decision is constantly troublesome and Vikas as well, attempted to make his choice.

The day finished with Akash endeavoring to fix up Arshi and Shilpa and the last declining to do as such.

Bigg Boss 11 housemate will have doll having the substance of another hopeful.

  • Shilpa doll’s is being hold byArshi
  • Hina doll’s specialist is Hiten
  • Vikas doll’s attendant is Luv
  • Priyank doll’s has been taking care by Shilpa
  • Arshi doll’s specialist is Vikas
  • Luv doll’s is gone to Puneesh
  • Akash doll’s was been carried by Hina
  • Puneesh doll’s specialist is Priyank
  • Hiten doll’s specialist is Akash

At whatever point the sound of infant crying comes, the infant must be taken in a pram to a parking area in the grass region. The one to achieve rearward in each round till the parking garage will evacuate the contender whose doll they have from the captaincy race. The individual who’s doll stays last will be chosen the commander. Bigg Boss will transform the garden zone into a playpen and every hopeful will be given a pram. They should battle for parking spots to win the captaincy. Continue perusing this space for more updates from the scene. Also get details about the Expected Bigg boss 11 finalists & Bigg Boss 11 Winner.