All the details Involving the Save Buxwaha Forest Campaigns


Many Save Buxwaha Forest campaigns have emerged ever since the said forest located in Madhya Pradesh has become the area of target for a diamond mining project. The project has been undertaken by Aditya Birla group’s Essel Mining and Industries Limited. The region of Buxwaha Forest comprises of 3.42 crore carrot diamonds. A sum of INR 2500 crore has been financed for the mining project.

All the details Involving the Save Buxwaha Forest Campaigns

Factors leading to the Save Buxwaha Forest Campaign

The damage of the Buxwaha Forest for the diamond mining project has an immense amount of repercussions to it which has led to the emergence of many Save Buxwaha Forest campaigns.

Some of the factors leading to the Buxwaha Forest campaigns are:

  • Cutting down of trees and plants laid across an area of 382-hectare.
  • Lives of 8000 villages belonging to over 17 tribes of 20 nearby villages will be harmed as they depend on those trees and plants for their survival and livelihood.
  • Cutting down of more than 2.15 lakh trees.
  • Usage of 5.9 million cubic meters of water per day which will be accomplished by the construction of a dam which can store up to 17 million cubic meter of water.
  • Extreme impact on the local water supply and worsening of weather conditions.

Areas of concern under the Save Buxwaha Forest Campaigns

Areas of concern under the Save Buxwaha Forest Campaigns

The areas of concern under the Buxwaha Forest campaigns include 384 hectare in Buxwaha forest near the village Sagoria. The mining project extends 80 kilometers from Chhatarpur, the headquarters of the district to 260 kilometers from Bhopal, the capital of the state. The amount of resources located in the mentioned areas is evaluated to be 53.7 million tonnes of kimberlite ore.

Save Buxwaha Forest campaigns and measures

Save Buxwaha Forest campaigns and measures

  • A petition submitted to the Supreme Court by a Public Interest Litigation to put a hold on the diamond mining project.
  • Voices have been raised by the native residents of Chhatrapur, Sagar, Damoh, Panna against the demolition of the forest.
  • 140 independent organisations have taken part in the Buxwaha Forest campaigns according to a volunteer Anand Patel.
  • Formation of a national coordination committee in order to take part in the Save Buxwaha Forest movement comprising of volunteers from states like Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan.
  • A Buxwaha Forest public awareness campaign to commence on 24th July and terminate on 26th July in Chhatrapur. The campaign will include thorough inspection and evaluation of the forest, meetings with the residents of the village and sending of a notice to the district administration and public representatives.
  • Youngsters from India, Bhutan, Nigeria, US have supported the Save Buxwaha Forest campaigns on social media.
  • An instagram page owner who goes by the name @earthworri ( has used the platform to support the Save Buxwaha Forest campaign.
  • Locals and villagers living near the area have resorted to the infamous “Chipko Movement” with the firm determination of saving the trees and the forest.

After all the measures undertaken for the Save Buxwaha Forest campaigns and all the petitions filed against its destruction, the counsels of the company claimed that the officials of the Essel Mining and Industries Limited are being subjected towards unnecessary harassment.

chaos caused because of the diamond mining project

Post all the chaos caused because of the diamond mining project, the NGT has guaranteed the absence of wildlife sanctuaries or reserve forest areas and wild animals within 10 kilometers of the targeted land. The NGT has issued notices and instructed the department of forest that not a single tree should be chopped down until and unless all the clearances are sealed.

Furthermore, approximately 3.80 lakh trees are to be planted in that area in order to compensate for the loss of 2.15 lakh tress amidst the destruction.


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