Actress killed by her Husband and Girlfriend


A dead body found in Chennai  at Rameshwaram  month ago and was recognized ,It was found it was the a actress body was of small-time actor Sasirekha, who played the lead role in the unreleased Tamil film ‘Naalai Mudhal Kudikka Maatein’.

Police found her husband guilty Ramesh Sankar,who is 36,Her Husband was arrested for murdering his wife,The police found He had a girlfriend Lawkiiyaa Kashiiv who is 32 .The police suspected they both are behund the murder of the Actress

 Friday the police arrested Ramesh Sankar, who has directed a few short films, and his girlfriend Lawkiiyaa Kashiiv, the heroine in an under-production film, ‘Karuppasamypuram’, and charged them with murder.

The police only found the body the head was missing and they couldn’t found it later after the arrest of the Ramesh the head of the Actress was found dumped in ac anal in Kundrathur.

Sasirekha recently filed a case on her husband for taking away her 7 old year son from him,after this she was disappeared,As per her relatives she was out of the body  records showed that she last used her phone near Valasaravakkam on January 4, a day before police found the body in the bin.

“There was no complaint about a missing woman of matching description after we found the body,It appeared to be a crime of passion, so we suspected that the murder was the fallout of an affair.”an officer said 

After the arrest the police interrogated and the culprits Ramesh and his girlfriend accepted doing the murder as Sasirekha was harassed her husband and did not allow him to meet with  his girlfriend.They both made  a plan and invited Sasirekha to Lawkiiyaa place and he smashed her head to the iron rod and killed her brutally he depicted the body so that police couldn’t recognize her identity they both wrapped the torso and head in separate plastic covers. Ramesh threw the head into a canal near Kundrathur before dumping the torso in the garbage bin.