A women found dead of Police Assault in Holloway cell


Sarah Reed A Black Woman who  was falsely arrested for shoplifting in London’s Regent Street in November 2012 was assaulted by  PC James Kiddie who  caught on CCTV dragging Sarah by her hair while punching her repeatedly in the face was The Victim of Vicious Police Assault Found Dead in Her Cell.

Sarah Reed who suffered from severe mental health issues, was denied treatment in prison, say family She was arrested after an altercation while detained in a hospital in south London. Prison staff found Reed dead on 11 January and informed her family the same day.


Questions were raised by her family  over why a woman who suffered from severe mental health problems was removed from hospital and transferred to prison where, they claim, she was denied treatment for her condition.

The  fellow officers who had viewed the CCTV footage of the incident reported Kiddie to the Metropolitan police’s directorate of professional standards. In 2014 he was found guilty of assault over the incident, sentenced to 150 hours community service and suspended.




Reed,  had suffered from mental health issues since the sudden death of her newborn baby in September 2003. After her child died at Beckton children’s hospice, she and the child’s father were forced to carry the body in their own car to an undertakers, an ordeal she never recovered from, according to her family.

Reed suffered from bouts of severe mental illness for 12 years. She was detained under section 3 of the Mental Health Act in October that the altercation occurred that led to her arrest. Relatives told Lee Jasper, a former director of policing and equalities for London.

“The obvious fact that Sarah was ill meant that placing her in the criminal justice system without recourse to the medical help she clearly needed was an unforgivable act of brutality and cruelty. I am told that throughout her time on remand Sarah never received any medication. This would have constituted a living hell for someone whose life had been marred with personal tragedy, mental ill health and police brutality.” was a blog written by Jasper.

Sarah will be buried on Monday 8th February 2016 in a private family ceremony.


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