Never Back Down !!

    Nobody can put you down except you. So never give up and keep the spirits high.

    So, the basic reason why I’m here is to interact with as more people as possible and hope in some way or the other I will be able to connect and inspire you guys. As there is a saying by someone I don’t know is “Running water never grows stale. So you just have to keep on flowing”. Yeah, I know everyone has got their own speed of coping up with situations but according to me only one moment can decide whether you are a superman/superwoman or not. If you want answers like, “why on earth this happened to me only?”, “Why god did this to me?”. “Why I failed?”, you’ll find that there are no answers to these stupid questions unless you start evaluating yourself. You have to stand strong against those hurricane winds and believe me, once you start taking those baby steps, you’ll end up in a personality you never thought of.
    Engage yourself by making a “To do” list. Join a Gym, not essentially for gaining those six packs but to boost yourself with confidence because the feeling after a workout session is something which can make you feel proud of yourself. Join a language class for learning any important foreign language of your choice. Start reading novels as they are the best friends with benefits. (Now “benefits” should be totally defined by you guys!!!!!). Do yoga, do dancing. DO everything which motivates you and incentivizes. These things will make you good with the people around you. As one of my inspirational characters named Christian Grey said that you need to be good with people to become a good businessman and ultimately to succeed in life. And Guys, he is a hell lot of motivational (in the other way round too!!).

    Start living for your dreams guys and not for anyone or anything that has just a temporary presence in your lives. Eliminate all the excuses and demolish all the hurdles that you think can halt you in your journey to success. Because Believe me if people like Thomas Alva Edison, Issac Newton, Mother Teresa can leave a mark on our lives then “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”.