Nani’s Gentleman Telugu Movie Review and Rating, Hit or Flop


    Gentleman Movie Review and Rating : Hit or flop Nani’s Telugu Flick gentleman has released today and here is the review and rating of the Telugu movie gentleman which is lead by hero Nani. As we know nani is known for his selection of stories and acting. In this Gentleman Movie, they have come up with a curiosity kind of thing which makes the audience think Nani is Hero or Villain in this movie Gentleman. 

    The Lead roles are Nani, Surabhi and Niveda Thomas and Movie is directed by Mohan Krishan Indraganti. After a long long time, music is given from Mani Sharma which is quite good and accepted by the audience. The movie is released all over India with great expectations on Nani. 

    As we seen in the trailer, Avasarala Srinivas also acted in this movie in some important role. You need to watch this movie in theater’s to know the importance of the roles.

    Directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti
    Produced by Sivalanka Krishna Prasad
    Written by Mohan Krishna Indraganti
    Screenplay by Mohan Krishna Indraganti
    Story by R. David Nathan
    Starring Nani
    Niveda Thomas
    Music by Mani Sharma
    Cinematography P.G. Vinda
    Edited by Marthand K. Venkatesh
    Sridevi Movies
    Release dates
    • 17 June 2016
    Country India
    Language Telugu

    Gentleman Movie Review :

    The first half of Gentleman is pretty Good will all elements which are required for the entertainment. As the runtime of the first half is 70 mins it just goes like that as we already told it has all the elements. There is also an interesting twist in the story. The Director has finally done it making Romance, Comedy and Suspense go in the perfect way. The music director’s background music has supported the movie and the director to show it in a classy way. 
    Venela kishore enter’s in the second half and this time avasarala srinivas has come up with the completely serious role which we don’t even expect. Crime suspense revealing is well written covering all aspects but too cinematic. Overall second half is average.

    Final Verdict : A classy movie by the director and the hero. You can definitely watch the movie and you will enjoy the suspense thriller with added comedy. So again a Hit movie for hero Nani.

        Nani’s Gentleman Telugu Movie Rating : 3.5 / 5