My poetry on Sleepless nights!!!



    I don’t know why am I sleepless tonight
    All the emotions seem in a fight
    Love to anxiety to wait to charm 
    And back to love’s might.
    Take me along in 
    All your anguish
    Warmth, intimacy, fondness
    Everything you relish.
    The eyes reveal 
    What heart conceals
    Unveil the thought, the touch
    The secret ordeal.
    You know I am addicted to 
    The flame in your eyes
    The curiosity in your touch
    The untouched skies.
    Colossal, substantial,
    Fierce, passionate,
    Deep, dark, growing inside
    Emotions sway the fight.
    I think I know why am I sleepless tonight                                                                                
    Care free, appealing, Strong and light.                              
    This dark conceives a glow
    A glow divinely bright.
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