Muslim families leave Bishahra amid tension !!


    At the same spot where they lynched Akhlaque over a year ago , thousands of village residents thronged at that point of place in Bishahra , Dadri and sat on dharna to immediately release all those 17 accused who are serving in jail on charges of killing him over rumors about beef.

    This protest came into light only when another resident of the village , Ravi Sisodia , was arrested on charges of killing Akhlaque , who died of respiratory and renal failure in LNJP Hospital in the judicial custody , two days back.

    His corpse was carried in a casket which was draped in the national flag , where the villagers hailed him as a “Martyr” , that is “Veer Sher” of Bishahra.

    Protestors also demanded a compensation of Rs 1 Crore to Akhlaque’s family but refused to accept the State Government offer of Rs 10 Lakh.

    The situation in the village continued to be tense with the Uttar Pradesh  (UP) Police allowing several Hindutva Groups and VHP Leaders from outside Dadri.

    They gave speeches and after that some of the Muslim families left the village temporarily and chose their relative’s village , which is outside Dadri.

    There is a fear of violence to Dawood ,the priest of the local mosque though administration provide security to the Muslims and also assured the rest of the village of it but they all left the village after sensing the atmosphere of hatred which was whipped up by the HIndutva groups who came from outside village to Dadri.