Movie on Kejriwal needs NOC from PM Narendra Modi !


    This is something which national award winning film maker Anand Gandhi would have least expected, a movie needing NOC from PM! But then that is what censor board asked Anand Gandhi even after getting clearance after 7 cuts by the censor board. This film with the title of ‘The insignificant man’ is about the formation of Aam Aadmi Party and their fight against corruption. This comes to show where our country stands when it comes to democracy and few question marks are to be justifiably raised by many people regarding this.

    With fight becoming more intensified day by day between AAP and BJP as AAP is clearly establishing itself as the strongest opposition, it is scary to see censor board asking for NOC from PM which clearly can make many genius minds doubt if the democracy pillar is being shifted for some unjustified reasons. Is it that censor board is afraid to give a thumbs up for release by its own? Or is it because it is being a pawn in the hand of present government? Or is it because censor board first motto is to satisfy the government at any cost? Let it be any reason but it is clearly showing that censor board is no more unbiased at least when it comes something which can even slightly go against the government.

    It is safe to say the directorial work of Anand Gandhi should not face unnecessary consequences as it will deprive everyone from seeing the masterpiece of the national award winning director. We can just keep our finger crossed and hope that PM Narendra Modi justifies his democratic stand by giving NOC and censor board learns that respecting the work of a reputable director is much more important than satisfying the government.