McDonald’s is launching Indian special Masala Dosa Burger !


    Fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s is all set to revolutionize Indian menu with masala dosa burger with a combination of molaga podi sauce and anda bhurji. But it doesn’t seem to be a very delicious idea for fast food lovers as typical anda bhurji is easily available around. Whereas, tongue cannot imagine what masala dosa burger will do to taste buds.

    As per its announcement, the chain will also add spinach & corn and hash brown brioches, along with plain and masala scrambled eggs, waffles and hotcakes. The new menu will make its place in the menu card this weekend. According to the financial daily, the menu will be launched initially in Mumbai and then across India.

    The restaurant is aimed to attract its consumers early in the morning with proposed menu as some of them will only be available for the breakfast and accelerate its business. 

    McDonald’s has been opening stores in India with new formats and services, investing nearly 500 crore to open about 120 stores in the past five years.

     The new menu is continuously trolled on twitter despite of the efforts to please the consumers.

    Suprateek Chatterjee tweeted, “Oh, great. Another reason to not visit those garbage recycling centres some people like to call McDonald’s outlets.”

    Rohan tweeted, “I’ma leap into this Masala Dosa burger debate with a fundamental problem. Masala Dosa SUCKS. Sada Dosa & Mysore is where the party’s at.”

     An user Paushali Roy tweeted, “Masala dosa burger sounds like the food version of how you feel when you realize 2007 was a decade ago…”