When Malia Obama Smoking & Kissing Video Goes Viral


Malia Obama Smoking & Kissing Video Goes Viral:

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Social platforms hold power to create a great buzz within no time. The recently one is dedicated about the viral video of Malia Obama. This video stir the twitter within no time. In this video, former first daughter is seen doing smoke and it went viral in a jiffy. According to this recently viral video, the 19-year-old first-year Harvard student is blowing smoke rings in a bathroom. Moreover, she was also reported kissing someone during a tailgate. All these things created a great buzz on the social platforms. People are twitting, commenting, like and share.

But the best thing is that another former resident of the White House, Chelsea Clinton comes forward to defense the young co-ed’s defense. She stated proudly that Malia Obama’s holds her personal space and we also should respect it. Being a young woman, a college student, a private citizen, she is allowed to go as she wants. She must not be your clickbait. Moreover, she also tweeted that be better indicating media. The best thing is that people appreciated her for this tweet and defensing her. This tweet is also being liked and shared among others.

Twitter Reaction on Malia Obama Smoking & Kissing

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Moreover, Ivanka Trump also tweeted defensing the young girl saying that Malia Obama deserves to entertain her personal space. Her personal space must not be affected. She is a young adult and private citizen, and holds right to go as she wants to be.

This recently published video the attention of President Trump’s older daughter, Ivanka Trump, and Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former president Bill Clinton and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the same time. They all criticized for interrupting the privacy of the young lady. According to them, it does not sound good as they also deserve to get the enough privacy without getting caught.

On Twitter, some handles also suggested her to not indulge with the friends who caught her in camera as this is why this video is out now. Though it seems good to have that kind of support. It seems good to have that the young lady is having this kind best support behind her. Both women tweeted criticism of the coverage and it surely may brought great relax to the pretty lady.

Moreover, Trump also tweeted saying that Malia also deserves to have the same privacy. This week, traditionalist media outlets and tabloids have been flowing and writing about recordings that they guarantee indicate Malia Obama — previous President Barack Obama’s most established little girl who is an understudy at Harvard — kissing a young fellow before a football game and blowing smoke rings.

Ordinarily, the media abstains from covering the individual existences of the offspring of presidents and previous presidents, enabling them to have some protection. But this time this video went viral within no time. Though media needs to understand the matter of privacy as everyone deserves to have their life as they want. It must not be matter of others at all.