What Should you Do on Golden Jubilee Anniversary


Celebrating 50 long years of marriage is one of the most important milestones in one’s life and calls for a celebration. They have managed to survive half a century with each other, days from sickness and pain to poverty and distress. Whether you host a party at your own place or hire a fancy one, celebrate alone or invite the entire world, is your call. To mark the beautiful journey in golden memories of your partner, here are some ideas that would help you plan a memorable day and make your golden jubilee anniversary more special.

Plan a party

Planning a party has a lot of elements like choosing a venue; a place that has been a very significant part in your journey. It could be where it all started, where she said “YES”, where he popped the question or any place that has a memory etched to it. Next, make a list of people you would like to invite probably those people who have contributed to the growth of this beautiful bond and stay through thick and thin in the journey of the couple. Surprise the couple with the family and friends and your cool party place!

Renew the marriage vows

Marriage vows are the promises that you and your partner made to each other on the day of your marriage. Fifty years of knowing a person in and out calls for renewing the old vows and promise and making new ones. Be as creative and romantic you were on the first day as a married couple and make this day count. This would help reaffirm your commitment to each other and also walks you down the memory lane of your wedding day. Write it down on a paper using the fancy font so that you don’t forget.

Use fairy lights and light it up

If you wish to celebrate the evening only with each other, don’t forget to buy those golden coloured fairy lights with cute sized couple pictures of the both of you along with lots of balloons and flowers. The fairy lights symbolize your golden journey as though it were a new gold chain full of memories. You will find fairy lights in any local electric shop and it is also available on popular online shopping websites.

Surprise gift

The ancient and traditional symbol for 50th wedding anniversary is gold, so a new gold chain or a gold ring or watch for your spouse will add charm and surprise to the golden anniversary. If you are tight on your budget and don’t want to go for the gold chain, why not try something different. The gold locket prices are comparatively cheaper than the others.

Prepare a meal

Preparing a meal together helps in spending quality time with your partner, and also cuts the whole process of planning a huge party with lots of people and a big hole in your wallet. More than that, it will give you a space to revisit all the years spent together with all the zeal, love, tears, sadness, and what not!


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