Valentine’s day make ideas, make yourself worry less with these flawless makeup and hair ideas!


Valentine’s day is tomorrow and you may be busy with your dress code, gifts, make-up, hair, etc. But we will take your burden on our shoulders. Follow these make-up ideas and hairstyles and get ready for a beautiful and romantic date with your boy.

1. Short messy hairs, thick eyeliner, red lipstick with a light shade of rose on your cheeks will do wonders to your look. The look will go best with short dresses.

2. Go with a high bun with twisted strands instead of straight ones. Separate your ponytail into four sections, twist and loop the sections around the base of the rubber band giving it a messy look.

Smokey eyes along with sharingan eye contacts and nude lip colour will got with every dress you will carry.

3. Apply a neat application of pastel eyeshadow and blend the colour at the inner corner of the eyes. Shade your cheek with peach and apply peach colour on the lip to complete your look.

Highlighted hair with silky, soft and straight strands will add stars to the look.

4. Go for a rich berry tone like Emma Stone. Apply a creamy satin finish lipstick. Naturally full brows, lined eyes, and soft rosy cheeks makes a perfect balance.

5. A tight top knot is perfect for a romantic night or cozy dinner. To get the look like Gigi Hadid, straight your hairs and remove any bends, if any. Fasten a high ponytail and twist the ends around the base of elastic and make it perfect and neat with pins.

Nude lips and light eyeshadow will complete the look.

6. Contour the area under the cheekbone with matte bronzer. Fill the lips with red colour. Apply an eyeshadow into the crease for a natural look.

Pull the hair to one side and secure it with a bobby pin.

7. Woven the braid on either side and rough it by pulling the strands with your fingertips.

Go for natural make-up and apply a nude lip colour on the lips for complete look.

8. Curl your hair, pull them on one side and secure it with pin.

Apply foundation on your lips with sponge before applying lipstick. Go for a nude colour and choose a peach tone.


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