Unconventional Party Activities to Try At Your Next Get-Together


When you’re hosting an event, it might be tempting to go for classic entertainment of a band and some good alcohol, but there are more options out there! 

From incredible psychics to a room built to be photo-ready, there are tons of things you can do to create an entertaining and fun space for all of your guests. 

Unconventional Party Activities to Try At Your Next Get-Together

These are some of the best unconventional party activities, and why anyone should try them!

A Cocktail Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are one of the best ways to ensure your party-goers are having fun while also interacting with other guests.  A cocktail scavenger hunt is different because it makes people talk to one another to be able to mark everything off of their list.  This list usually includes things like ‘someone who has traveled outside of the country in the last ten years or ‘someone who has more than two cats.’ 

In finding people who match each answer, you get to know the other partygoers and have fun creating conversations with them.  

An Instagrammable Space

Instagrammable spaces are making a huge splash in events right now.  This means setting aside a room, or large closet, to make a space that’s photo-ready and fun to interact with.  

This can range from unique and interesting decor to tons of lights and surfaces that are interestingly textured or colored.  

Make sure that people know what the space is for, and consider setting up props that they can use within the booth for even better pictures, like funny hats, glasses, or other costume pieces.  This can make for a hilarious experience that people post about for weeks to come.

An Interesting Psychic

Finding a psychic for hire is one of the best ways to connect with the magical realm while having fun at an event.  Psychics each offer a range of different skills, from palm reading to communing with spirits, and give you the chance to connect with unworldly powers in between cocktails.

Although not everyone believes in psychics, their skills are usually awe-inspiring and drive crowds wild when they put on their acts.  Have fun with your interaction, and don’t let anything they say scare you too much- the future is still a blank slate.

Fantastic Live Cooking Demo

Live cooking demos are an awesome way to get the entire party involved and have fun!  Not only does it give you the chance to watch a professional at work, but you also get rewarded with delicious food and entertainment along the way.  Many live cooking demos also offer instruction, allowing party-goers to take part and help create whatever fantastic food is going to be served.

This is better for smaller gatherings since it takes a lot to create dishes, and nobody wants to sit through someone cooking thirty chickens in a small kitchen.  This form of entertainment is extremely fun, though, since it gives everyone something to do.

Your Event Doesn’t Have to Be Boring. 

Although there are boring parties out there: yours doesn’t have to be one of them!  Consider hiring some of these entertainment options, and kick your gathering up a notch.


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