Places to visit on Thanks Giving in 2022 USA


Places to visit on Thanks Giving in 2022 USA

Falling on 24th November 2022, Thanks Giving is not just an European trend at United States but followed by many asian countries too and now people from all over the world is celebrating it.

It is celebrated to have pay Thanks to lord for the glorious harvest and from many years it has became a custom to pay thanks and Regards to loved ones and celebrate the auspicious day with loved ones and families, and have a feast.

There are multitude places to visit for thanks giving to celebrate the feast but here are few places to visit to celebrate in your style and your budget.

When celebrations is the mood then there is one city to be for the Holidays, i.e. New York City, glorious during the day and glamorous during the night, the complete city has a different feel when it comes to the holiday season. One can always start their day with St. Paul’s Church in the broadway,

Eat some street food, watch a good broadway old school movie show, then go and visit your Empire state building, completely like a tourist and then take the blissfull experience of Lake Placid, enjoy the serenity of the water, calmness of the evening and peaceful nature and then shift your mood to something happening and end your night at full of spirits Time Square at New York City and explore the local street food to enjoy full of tummy at good price. A joyfull idyllic place to be with family and friends.

Thanking the Nature

Canterbury, New Hampshire

1.Canterbury, New Hampshire:- Thanks Giving is the busy time of the year to travel as the demand is at peak everywhere, once can always choose best by visiting Canterbury, New Hampshire, a must place to visit with family and friends.

This place is open throughout the Thanks Giving Season, and is an idle place to enjoy apple picking family time before your dinner. Mostly if the weather is on your side then once can always enjoy a goof picnic at a beauty spot like Canterbury.

Enjoy the whole day with the spirit of Nature, family and Thanks giving and having freshly brewed cider with donuts at the local barn, a must place to have your taste buds tested for the flavors of locals.

Leavenworth Washiongton

2. Leavenworth Washiongton:- a town with the spirits of Nature and Holiday together. If not the spirits of the city, once can always visit this beautiful town Leaveworth at Washiongton, and spend a peaceful countryside town style Thanksgiving.

Good pocket friendly Inns are available in the vicinity too. Once can start early as a town habbit to feed the animals and then go to the local bakery to try out some hot chocolate with a croissant, a  yummyful breakfast.

This West Coast Town has an Iconic Holiday feel with the Christkindlmarket which is a famous Bavarian Style Christmas Market. Not just the market but there are number of wineries and cider houses to visit too.

Killington Town usa

3. Killington Town :- Why not spending the Thanks Giving with beautiful Foilage View , completely vermonth style? The Killington town in Vermont is the place for you to be during Thanks Giving. This town also participates in Turkey Trot as well so you can experience the traditional Thanks Giving along with the colorful treat of forest for your eyes, this town is known to have Red, Green, Yellow leave trees.

When you are visiting, do not miss the Bread Pudding Muffins of the season at Sunup Bakery. Visit the land of Nature, with the equal amount of High and Low at the same time.

Dress to Express and Impress Yourself

Long Beach, California

4. Long Beach, California :- Dressing up is everyone’s cup of tea if it is Holiday Spirit or any other occasion, and if you and your family are a person who enjoys dressing up then Long Beach at California is the place to be. Here the Turkey Trot is the even which would become your favourite tradition and this event raises money for the Non Profit Community Action Team.

Savannah, Georgia, USA on River Street

5. Savannah, Georgia :- Well when it comes to impressing, this costal town in Georgia named Savannah is the best colorful  town one will ever see. When the summer heat dulls and the beautiful fall enters the town and the rays of sunshine hits the roads this place is to be enjoyed. Dress up and explore the history of Georgia , visit the Old Jackson Fort and there are many boutiques and art galleries to explore. Not just this, spend your day relishing the local cuisine and learning more about the History of Bonaventure Cemetery.


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