Shampoo Your Hair Right


So ladies, it doesn’t matter how much you spend  on those  hair products if you’re shampooing all wrong,

Getting your hair fresh and clean in the shower might seem like a simple, straight-forward process, but there are actually some rules you should be following that most of us are breaking. If you stop breaking those rules, you’re looking at healthier, shinier, happier have been washing your hair your whole life, but there’s a possibility that you could be doing it all wrong!

Rule #1 Dont use too much shampoo

Most of us think that if a shampoo doesn’t produce much lather, it is not doing its job. But, did you know that the lather may not actually be helping you to get rid of the dirt built up on your hair?

Too much foam can prevent the shampoo from working its deep and cleansing to the core

It is suggested that for your first wash, try to squeeze a dollop of shampoo, approximately the size of a two rupee coin. And, if you need a second wash, then use a lesser amount of that. You can also check an excellent article on the best shampoo for curly hair here.

Rule #2  Dont wash your hair everyday
Hair experts say your hair looks best when the natural oils that start in the scalp are allowed to reach the ends. That’s why its recommend that you shampoo every once in three or four days .

But you’re worried about your strands looking greasy, spritz the roots with dry shampoo or water and restyle with a blow-dryer.

Rule #3 Dont create too much friction

To avoid damaging hair, massage your scalp with your fingertips rather than your fingernails or palms.

Rule#4  Making Your Hair Wet Enough
You need your hair to be super soaked in order for your shampoo to work properly. Make sure you stick your head under the shower head for at least three minutes. If you don’t, your shampoo will end up drying out your hair.

Rule #4  No rinsing with hot water…

Piping hot water dries your scalp and hair. Use lukewarm instead (which helps to preserve color).

And finish by soaking your hair in cold water to give it that shine.

Rule # 5  Dont brush wet hair

Normally we brush hair soon after shampooing and use hair comb to the hair faster, remove the sticky mess when it is wet.

However, combing wet hair will make the hair root weaken fast leading to easy hair loss. And if this practice frequently occurs frequently in all washes, you will surely find your hair falling increasingly more alarming.

Ideally, before you wash your hair, use a hair brush to remove dust and dirt on the scalp and dandruff flaking layers, help clean the hair.


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