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Bhogi 2016 Festival: Traditionally the festivities stretch over three or four days, each day marking the traditional festivals of Bhogi, Makar Sankranti (Pedda Panduga), Kanuma and Mukkanuma respectively. Three days of festive fervor take over the entire city. This festival, also called Makar Sankranti celebrates the entry of the Sun into Makar Rasi (Capricorn). From this day onward, the sun begins its ascent and enters the Northern Hemisphere. January 13 but sometimes it is celebrated on January 14. Bhogi is celebrated all over India differently, according to their traditions and legends. So here we are going to provide you Happy Bhogi Whatsapp status, Wishes, Images, Quotes – sankranti 2016 sms


In the month preceding Sankranti, the Hindu month of Dhanurmasam, women draw beautiful rangolis and put the ‘gobbemmalu’ between them. Gobbemmalu are the balls made of cow dung which are decorated with turmeric powder (pasupu), red vermion powder (Kumkuma), flowers and with different types of grains. Women sing traditional songs and dance around these rangolis. These gobbemmalu are then dried and used as fuel. Bhogi, the last day of Dakshinayana is celebrated with the traditional Bhogi Mantallu, or bonfire, lit early in the morning. Along with wood, dried cow dung cakes are consigned to flames. It signifies the end a phase and the beginning or fresh start to a new chapter.

In the evenings, young children are showered with a mixture of flower petals, Jujube berries (Bhogi pandulu) and coins to ensure their wellbeing, ward off an evil eye and invoke blessings from elders. Sweets in generous quantities are prepared and distributed. On the main day, Sankranti, sweet pongal is made and offered to the Sun.

On Kanuma, the third day, the cattle which work in the fields and contribute to a generous harvest are decorated, worshipped and fed Pongal.

A tradition in Andhra, which is not seen often these days, is ‘Bommala koluvu’. It is the showcasing of dolls (generally replicas of gods and goddesses) for three days commencing with Bhogi; similar to the tradition in Tamil Nadu during Navaratri.

Happy Bhogi Whatsapp status, Wishes, Images, Quotes:


  • “Flame your past in ‘BHOGI’. Invite new hopes & Pleasures with ‘SANKRANTI”
  • “Rejoice on this blessed occasion by spreading joy with your friends and loved ones.”
  • “Bhogi Bhoga bhagyalato Sankranti siri sampadalato Kanumu kalasi melasi Kanuvinduga HAPPY SANKRANTHI”
  • “Enjoy the spirit of BHOGI and make the day wonderful, Happy Bhogi ”
  • “On the blissful occasion of Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal & Bhogi I wish you for prosperity, peace and happiness.”
  • “Janta sannayi mela Jodi vasavnnala talam me inta nimpali andhakolahama…bhogi subhakankshalu..”
  • “Enjoy the spirit of bhogi.. Enjoy the day..Make the day wonderful, wish u Happy Bhogi 2016”
  • May this Bhogi Give u and ur family a lot of Happiness & Peace to all.Happy Bhogi!!
  • Wishing u and Ur family a very “happy and joyful Bhogi…
  • “The sun rises with new hope.. The day belgins with a fresh smile…Happy Bhogi..
  • A beautiful,bright and delighted day, Joy and abundance..sun entered makar to intense the ray.. Happy Bhogi..
  • Kites fly with vigour and crops Are ready to be harvested All denoting hope, Wish u a happy bhogi..
  • crop harvested to cheer the smiles, come together and enjoy the life and make each day wonderful…Happy Bhogi..
  • the sun makes all the happiness of throughout this year.. happy happy Bhogi to all..
  • Flame ur past in bhogi, invite new hopes in ur life.. pleasures & clothes with Bhogi, enjoy Bhogi with all tastes with ur family..
  • kites flying high to touch the happiness, til mangled with sweet to spread sweetness… Wish you a very happy Bhogi..

Happy Bhogi 2016 Whatsapp Status, Messages, Facebook Status


  • May the beauty Of Lohri Festival season fill your home with happiness. Happy Bhogi.
  • As the sun starts northward journey… Wish u & ur family a very happy and peace Bhogi.
  • May this day mark a new chapter in your life.. Wish u a very happy and phosporous Bhogi to u nd ur family.
  • Have this 1st festival after new year which brings happiness and joy in your life Wish you & your family a very Happy Bhogi.
  • “The sun rises with new hope and the Kites fly with vigour and crops Are ready to be harvested.. wish u a very happy bhogi.
  • Just as you discard old objects on Bhogi, In the Same way remove all the bad thoughts and unpleasant things in yourself start a new life. Happy Bhogi.
  • May this day mark a new chapter in your life.. Wish u a very happy and phosporous Bhogi to u nd ur family.


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