Steps on How to Make Money Trading Binary Options


There are low barriers to entry in the binary options market. Anyone can trade as the concept is simple – you make one of two choices and wait for the outcome. However, not everyone can make money trading binary options – 80% of traders don’t succeed. It takes a smart trader to master these dynamic markets.

Luckily, there is a procedure to mastering the binary options markets. Here are some steps to follow on your way up the ladder.

There is a procedure to mastering the binary options markets. Here are some steps to follow on your

  1. Train and Practice

Anyone can indeed trade binary options. However, traders with at least a basic understanding or economics stand a better chance of making money. As such, it is only prudent to take classes on money markets and get a deep understanding of how binary options trading works. You can use numerous online courses that have made pros out of many amateur traders. You can learn more on how to profit off the binary options market from

In addition to training, it is also important to practice. This will give you a better understanding on how the real markets work. Most online brokers provide demo accounts with fake virtual currency that new clients can use for training.

  1. Find a Credible Broker

There are thousands of binary options brokers. Unfortunately, many are illegitimate. You should be able to trust your broker with your money and trades. The best way to be sure of a broker is to ensure that they have all the necessary credentials. Keep in mind that binary options trading in the U.S. is mildly different from that in other countries.

  1. Know Which Assets to Trade

There are numerous assets that are viable for binary options trading. Everything including stocks, currencies, gold, oil, silver, and even cryptocurrencies can be traded. However, most traders prefer using stocks and currency pairs because they are easy and quick to liquidate.

If you are just starting, it is recommendable to use currency pairs not only for their liquidity but also for the volatility of currency markets. If you are familiar with the stock markets, however, you should consider stock assets as they also harbor numerous opportunities and are easier to predict compared to currencies and other assets.

  1. Determine and Time Your Trades Well

The binary options market works on an all-or-nothing concept. If you win, you get it all, and if you lose, you get nothing. As such, it is important to choose your trades well. You should have full confidence that your prediction is right or else you will lose your investment.

It is also important to time your trades well. Trades can be as short as 60 seconds and as long as 12 months. Remember, the binary markets are volatile, and you have only two options. Short trades are lucrative, but they are also risky as markets fluctuate in seconds. Longer trades ranging between 30 minutes and 1 hour are easier to predict.

  1. Make the Trade

Once you decide on trade and are confident in it, you can proceed to make the trade. The official terms are call (for the asset’s price to rise) and put (for the asset’s price to fall). Other terminologies include buy/sell. Make the trade and wait for the results.

Wrapping Up

These are the basic steps to making money off trading binary options. Remember, however, that it takes training and experience to master the markets.


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