Book Review: Zero Day by S. Hussain Zaidi


There’s something about suspense thrillers that never gets old. Readers always crave to indulge in well-written thrillers and being compelled to keep turning the pages and keep guessing how the story will play out.

The new book by S. Hussain Zaidi has all these ingredients and more. Set in Mumbai, Zero Day follows the events in the life of Shahwaz Ali Mirza who heads the Anti-Terrorism Squad of Maharashtra. In this book, he is out there with his team to stop an evil plan and we, as readers, back him to win.

Book Review: Zero Day by S. Hussain Zaidi

Right from the first page, Zaidi takes us into the middle of the action and keeps making the narrative gripping as the story unfolds. An anonymous email claiming that Mumbai is under attack raises the stakes and the narrative keeps you guessing how the protagonist and his team will save the city. Well-written characters like Shahwaz Ali Mirza and Vikrant Singh add a lot to the experience of reading this book. Shahwaz makes for a great protagonist and readers will love being part of his journey.

Vikrant’s character is the perfect foil to Shahwaz’s and makes a solid impact. They share great chemistry and as a reader, you rally for them to win. The characters add just the right amount of drama to enrich the plot, keep the story fast-paced and make themselves likeable.

The author uses his experience in investigative journalism to make the story real and believable. We have had enough books on terrorist attacks but in this one, it’s the cyberterrorism that is threatening the city which gives readers something new to look forward to.

S. Hussain Zaidi layers the story well and also uses time as a tool to keep us on the edge. Such factors make Zero Day a refreshing read. This 224-page book is great fun and will definitely please the lovers of the suspense thriller genre.

About the author: S. Hussain Zaidi

S. Hussain Zaidi has always been in the news for his interesting style of storytelling. It involves core level investigation and groundwork displaying his skills and experience in journalism. Over the years, he has developed a great fan base and there is always excitement for his new book. His well-known books include Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumba Mafia, Black Friday, Mafia Queens of Mumbai, Mumbai Avengers and, My Name is Abu Salem.

All his book so far deals with underground realistic terrorists and mafias. This is one of the reasons why people feel inclined towards his work because it takes you into unknown worlds. There’s enough news on television about how terrorism works, but the insights he puts in his stories are quite fascinating.

He began getting more attention when his research was used for great books like Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games and Misha Flenny’s Mc Mafia. In his early days, Zaidi was kidnapped in Iraq. His experiences during that time impacted his writing style and brought more details and truthfulness to it. Slowly, the media began giving attention to his work and his books kept getting popular.

Hussain Zaidi’s books not only generate excitement but the descriptions and crispness of the content make readers engage deeply with his craft. His experience in journalism has finely weaved into S. Hussain Zaidi’s delightful writing. He has worked for the well-known newspaper The Asian Age where he was the Resident Editor.

Later, he worked for Mid-Day, The Indian Express and the Mumbai Mirror. With the kind of experience he has, there are enough stories in him that needs to be told. His new book, Zero Day is one of those stories that is out now.


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