10 Types Of Lehenga To Capture Your Elegance In Your Wedding


10 exclusive lehenga - different types of lehenga

Lehenga Choli is quite possibly the most expressive clothing with regards to Indian ethnic attire. ‘Marriage Wear’ or any kind of ‘Wedding Wear‘ can’t be even envisioned without it. While style does its sinusoidal consistently, we have recorded down different types of lehenga & the most engaging types of lehenga plans which will simply add to your effortlessness, appeal and design remainder! Every one of this style has their own ideal fit. Along these lines, investigate the style which offers you the most!


  1. Straight Cut Designer Lehenga

This types of lehenga resembles a straight skirt that streams alongside the body shape and doesn’t give a significant part of the flares not at all like different styles. Best thing about this is that it goes with pretty much every body type and thought about an incredible alternative for any sort of occasion or a capacity. Given this is a skin embracing style, one should be somewhat cautious with picking right inners for this situation. One can decide to wear a tank top or some other style of shirt as well.

designer Flared Lehenga

  1. Flared Lehenga

This lehenga style is a finished conventional and one of the most seasoned at this point evergreen structure in the rundown. This has consistently been the best option as a marriage clothing. As the name recommend, this kind of lehenga adds a ton of volume underneath the midsection. Best texture to go with such a style is generally silk, crepe, brocade and georgette. It’s anything but an extraordinary worth to hourglass, square shape or straight body shape. One can realize her body shape by clicking here.

The saree twin lehenga

  1. The saree twin

This style of lehenga gives a dream of a saree however it’s anything but a Lehenga. One can get rid of issue of wearing a saree by going with this decision. The saree look is essentially due to hanging of the dupatta over the types of lehenga. It looks extraordinary on nearly everyone types, anyway the unimposing ladies can give this a skip.

Fishtail Lehenga

  1. Fishtail Lehenga

Impersonating mermaids these sorts of lehengas are tight at the knees and flare beginning from calves, giving it a fishtail appearance. Since these are tight at the hips and abdomen, this ought to be worn with a right internal underneath. Moreover, fishtail lehenga is ideal for the young ladies who are searching for a clothing to highlight their bends.

indo fusion bridal lehenga

  1. Indo Fusion Lehenga

Combination style deals with many extravagant components that designer can think of. Off shoulders folded over cholis, long sleeves choli, and an alternate style blend of lehenga and dupatta gives an alternate search for some events. Such combination lehengas can be worn for a gathering or a mixed drink night.

tank top bridal lehenga

  1. Tank Top Lehenga

This lehenga style is simply characterized with the length of the choli or pullover. The lehenga that goes best with this is shrivel a straight cut, A line or a fishtail one. A Plain tank top or a plain silk weaved look is the most ideal approach with such a style. One of the benefits with this is that it tends to be displayed by both short and tall ladies.

sharara lehenga for wedding bridal

  1. Sharara Lehenga

Such lehengas are sewed from the center of the sew like a pant or a palazzo yet seems like a lehenga all in all. Best combined with long kurti’s, these are generally a decision of Muslim Brides. One can likewise decide to wear them in a celebration or any less difficult ethnic occasion also. This style looks best on somebody who’s taller or is expansive body structure.

a line lehenga for wedding

  1. A-Line Lehenga

A straightforward yet tasteful type of lehenga, wherein the outfit has a standard A-line giving it’s anything but A shape. Number of creases are typically lesser with flares at base and tight at the midsection. Best produced using chiffon, cotton, new silk, georgette, brocade. This is a best style for a tall body structure. One of the benefits of this style is the adaptability with pullover plan it very well may be joined with.

framed lehenga

  1. Framed Lehenga

Quite possibly the main advantage of this style is that, it’s anything but a thinning impact and conceals that additional fat. This kind of lehenga comprise of boards of texture appended toward the finish of the flare. The boards are typically made of differentiating textures and utilized toward the finish of hemline, which adds to the brilliant plan claim. Such a lehenga is best for going to an ethnic capacity or another person’s wedding.

coat lehenga for wedding

  1. Coat Lehenga

The option of Jacket in this style of couture simply adds to your character and the oomph factor. One can go with a long and free style coat with a decent weaving work on it. This style is an aide’s ladies who are thin by making volume.


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