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    Keshava Movie Review and Rating

    The movie Keshava hit the big screens today, the movie Keshava has Nikhil choosing different stream stories rather than the mainstream roles, however, Nikhil has the capacity to give the best performances of what he chooses, the trailer has already created a hype about the movie.

    The movie is thriller drama directed by the famous swami Ra Ra Director Sudheer Varma, this makes the audience more curious about the movie, the movie has young talent Pelli Chupulu actress Ritu Varma and also the senior actress Isha Koppikar is seen doing an important role in the movie, her comeback is an add on to the movie.

    Keshava Movie Review

    “Revenge is Dish best Served Cold ” the movie is a revenge drama, and Nikhil is seen doing a  serious role, which is found intense in the trailer.

    The movie story revolves around Nikhil and his intense Badass crimes, the movie starts with an accident in which the only survivor is Nikhil and he is seen murdering a Police officer, that is cold blooded murder, and then the story rewinds back to his college life and after continuous murders of police officers Keshav gets arrested, Isha koppikar plays the role of an officer, 

    The second half has Ritu Varma who enters into his life and rest the movie shows the reason for his revenge and his story.

    The movie has lost with content, talking about the trailer, which created enough curiosity but the movie was not up to the mark, However, the movie has a fresh story with Nikhil and other characters seen doing something different, Nikhil has given his best performance with intense looks that added to his character.

    The movie brings freshness its a one time watch. 

    Keshava Movie Rating:2/5