Julie 2 Movie Review and Ratings by Critics and Audience


Julie 2 Movie Reviews and Ratings by Critics and Audience:

Julie 2 Movie

The Movie Julie 2 has been in news for sometime but it has now been officially released in various theatres in different cities. Movie “Julie 2” is a hindi Indian film which is written by Deepak Shivdasani. The actors performed in this movie includes Raai Laxmi as Julie, Ravi Kishan Aditya Srivastava, Pankaj Tripathy Rati Agnihotri, Yuri Suri. This movie is produced by the writer itself. The shooting for this movie was started in 2015 as, the Popular South Indian Actress Raai Laxmi was signed by the Deepak Shivdasani for the sequel of movie “Julie”. The movie was released on November 24th and appeared on various screens in different cities. We will share you the reviews coming out from the critics and all the audiences who watched the movie yesterday.

Julie 2 Movie Rating:

Sad but true, yes the movie is not getting good reviews as the movie is not so interesting from any perceptions. The makers have tried every possible trick to fulfill the lack of Shahrukh Khan in it but it couldn’t happen. Going into the deep story of this movie, the movie is about compromise. They have shown the darkest side of the world glitz and glamour. But don’t go wrong by thinking that this movie is even near to the Madhur

Bhandarkar’s movie “Fashion”.There wasn’t any hard hitting drama shown in this movie as the move is an erotic thriller, with a murder attempt and the movie is all about the suspension of disbelief which is completely implausible. This is the uttermost reason
for people disliking this movie and calling it a garbage. Now let’s just get into a brief detail and know why one should watch and one should not watch this movie? What’s good in this Movie:- Well, it will not be fair to say anything good about this movie as the movie has got such worst reviews from everywhere. Though even , people came out giving the worst reaction and thanking that the movie has ended. So, there’s not any single point to say that the movie is good to watch. The people were shock to see that the movie got made at the first place. What’s Bad in this movie: There’s everything bad in this movie except the ending. People were quite happy that they won’t have to suffer more as the was such boring and pathetic. Actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Rati Agnihotri and make them join your league and made the picture such worst. Loo Break in the movie: After been into the theatre, people were wishing to save their precious money and to spend their time in any public loo as they find their money got waste on this garbage money. Well, these points are enough to show the ratings and reviews of the movie. To know more, stay tuned to our website and get latest updates about all the Bollywood Movies.