Jio Vs Airtel Vs Vodafone, Which is the Best Network/Plans to choose ?


    The Telecomm war has just Began, Soon after jio started Charging money from the users for the annual membership plan called Jio Prime and revealed the Exclusive Jio Packages, Other Telecomm companies have just relieved after jio started charging from the users, yesterday Airtel rolled out an offer that went trending, Two big news from airtel, the first one was free roaming on international Calls, the second sizzling offer 14 GB 4G internet data for Rs 145!  

    Now you think this is a revolution, then watch out the new offer from Vodafone, Here are two Hot sizzling offers of Vodafone, Rs 346 and Rs 342!

    Rs. 342 one,  offers unlimited calling along with 28GB of data per month along with FUP of 1GB per day, The Rs. 346 plan will offer unlimited calling with just 10GB of data for 28 days.  The Voice Calls are limited to 300 minutes per day.

    So Here is the deal, Airtel, Jio, Vodafone what to choose and Let’s list the Pros and Cons of the three,


    While coming to the Telecomm services, Airtel has the longest and the largest Trustworthy network in India, Here are some points to be noted about it,

    Airtel gets full marks for speed, also 4G speed of airtel is unbeatable. Airtel Network can be used in all types of Handy 4g phones with the same speed on each device. Airtel doesn’t use VoLTE for Voice calls, Voice calls can be done with any 2g, 3g and 4g handsets. Let’s come to the Offers presently, Airtel has Free international Roaming Calls that would work for any type of handset from 2g to 4g, another offer that comes with 14 GB Data for a for Rs 145, 14GB of high-speed internet is enough for a normal Mobile user. 

    Airtel’s another offer that would leave the other offers uptight, the plans gives 28GB data for Rs 342 with Free local calls, the data is limited to 500 Mb per day and 500mb per night ( 3 am to 5 am ).


    When it comes to Vodafone, the second largest Network, the also is the trust worthy brand but after Airtel, 

    Vodafone also has effective speed, 4G is also very effective.Vodafone also goes with airtel when comes to the handy 4gphones. 

    Vodafone also doesn’t use VoLTE for Voice calls, Voice calls can be done with any 2g, 3g and 4g handsets. while coming to the Vodafone’s Sizzling offer of 28GB per month for Rs 342 with free voice calls up to 300 minutes per day, this offer is very similar to Jio’s 303 plan that gives 1gb of data per day and free voice calls, Here Vodafone wins the race of speed with Jio, the offer and network is trust worthy, plus it goes handy with all the 4G handset.


    While the Jio Network, Anything that is new is exciting, and when it comes to free services, the human tendency gets attracted to the service, while Jio has not gained the trust in the run with the Network. 

    The speed of Jio is the most controversial thing, the company claims to have the highest 4G speed, while Jio’s speed varies on the type of 4G handset used, the handsets without VoLTE, will have disturbances over calls and the internet. Jio Calls can only be done through, VoLTE devices. Non-VoLTE devices cannot go easy with calls.

    Jio had rolled out the Prime Membership for rs 99 with a monthly plan of rs 303 with 1gb internet daily and free voice calls, the corns for jio is that voice calls work only on VoLTE devices and the speed and the speed is never constant.

    Which are the Best Plans to choose ?

    So here are the monthly subscription plans of Airtel, Vodafone and Jio, well, lets take a brief to decide  which is the best monthly plan,  

    Airtel’s 14 gb for 145 and 28gb for 349 plans are much sufficient for a normal Mobile user, for browsing and apps, if you are not a high internet user you can go with 14GB, with airtel to airtel free calls, Or you can choose over local national calls with rs 349 plan if you are a regular caller, the backdrop of this offers is that the limit is capped to 500 mb per day, and 500 mb per night ( 3am to 5am ).

    While Vodafone offers also goes the Same, 28Gb will be sufficient enough for all the mobile apps and browsing, also the limit is 1gb per day, unlike airtel has 500mb per day, you can choose Vodafone over airtel, for this reason. Also, you get free national calls on Vodafone with the limit of 300 minutes per day, that will be sufficient for a normal user.

     When it  comes to Jio, I would suggest you go with Jio if you are a VoLTE user, where the calls connect with ease and the  mobile data 1gb per day would also be enough for browsing and apps, plus you get to use all the Jio apps, for free with Jio Prime, But if you are not a VoLTE user, it wouldn’t be fair enough to use the Jio plans.

    So here is your call what do you choose Airtel, Vodafone or JIO. Tellme in the comments!