Jio charged airtel for putting misleading ads, asked TRAI to impose highest penality !


    Reliance Jio has been targetted by the various Telecommunication companies as it has become the major competitor in the Industry for bringing the Free calls and unlimited 4g internet into the market.

    The competitors Airtel and Idea who could not resist Jio had put misleading ads on Jio’s unlimited Free data and calls services.The Misleading ad was acknowledged by the Jio, and  a letter has sent to the TRAI for crossing the limits ” gross violation of extant telecommunication laws”. 

    Jio has asked TRAI to impose the highest penalty for putting the misleading ads. 

    Airtel has been charged for misrepresenting the unlimited calls, the ad shows free unlimited calls which are not actually unlimited but is limited to 300 min/day only chargeable after that. Free data for 12months worth 9,000 on prepaid stv 345, while the data benefits were given only after the payment of 345 and were termed as free.

    “Therefore, these prepaid packs do not provide unlimited free calling to customers. This fact is not discernable from the advertisements of Airtel and neither does Airtel specify in the advertisements that such limitations apply or are conceived as part of the terms and conditions,”Jio 

    “Further, post expiry of the data benefits in the pack, the subscriber is charged at pay-as-you-go rates, therefore, the free data claims are grossly misleading,”

    Airtel has also sais that the offers will be applicable for 4g handsets. This “arbitrary classification” by Airtel is a gross violation of the Telecom Tariff order 1999 Section IV (Transparency and Consumer Protection),”In view of the gross violation by Airtel of TRAI directions, instructions, tariff orders, we request the authority to take the strongest action under the Act and impose highest penalty on Airtel,” the letter said.


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