iPhone to be branded as “Made in India” by 2017 After Having Manufactured in Bengaluru


    The “Silicon Valley of India” is all set to own an iPhone manufacturing plant on its soil. According to the reports the production can be started from April, 2017.

    As per the reports, the plant to manufacture and assemble iPhones will be set up by Apple’s Taiwanese manufacturing partner Wistron, in Bengaluru.

    There is no doubt regarding why Apple choose Bengaluru over Chennai, Hyderabad or Noida.

    Bengaluru is the only city from India and the second city from Asia to make it to the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking.  This is a list compiled by Compass which ranks cities on their ability to produce and support great startups.

    No other Indian city has able to make out to the list.

    The report also says that Bengaluru has some of the youngest tech entrepreneurs in the world. Going with the facts, the average age of an engineer in the city is much less than that of Silicon Valley (25 vs 36).

    According to a report by IDC, India in 2017 will beat the US to become the second biggest smartphone market after China. This will prove to be power-booster in the sales of Apple devices, especially when iPhones still have not grab much of the market in India.

    As of now most of the Apple products are manufactured in China, generally by Foxconn Technology. These products are sold in India through local distributors and retailers. Earlier, Apple decided to import and sell refurbished iPhones in the country but was opposed by many ministries including environment, industry and telecommunications.

     As reports are to be believed, recently a meeting was held between officials from Apple and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Secretary Ramesh Abhishek where matters of Foreign Direct Investment were discussed. The Wall Street Journal reported saying that according to the sources Indian government received letter on behalf of Apple and later senior trade ministry authorities had a meeting with the company officials.