iPhone 7 releases in September,Specifications and leaked rumours !!


    iPhone7 is rumoured to be release in September and the specifications of the phone have been leaked, However, the leaked rumours may or maynot be true Here are some spefications comparatively to the iPhone 6s.                                                                                                                                      

    The Apple in the next month will be rumoured to lauch the Iphone 7 Iphone7s and iphone 7splus and iphone pro/plus.

    It has a smart connnector that connects the smart devices like the smart keyboard Smart Charging Docks etc..

    The head phone jack of the phone is rumoured to be of 5 mm much slimmer than the previous version,This is the major diffrence.

    The Iphone 7 supports Dual camera,aslo the experince, is much better in the iphone 7s.

    The phone has 3GB of Ram to make the apps faster and also to support the dual Camera mode.

    The iPhone 7 has the Optical image stabilisation and the new model is expected to be 1mm slimmer than the previous model.