Infosys employee killed at railway station in Chennai


    Infosys employee killed at railway station : A Woman named Swati ( Swathi ) who was an employee of Infosys,Chennai was brutally murdered on a clear day at Nungambakkam railway station. Friday morning Swati started from her home to office was waiting to board the train to get to her workplace in the same time a young guy wearing a green Shirt who approached Swati and started talking to her.

    Soon their discussion turned into an argument and the man took out the sickle and Started assaulting her.The public remained in a shock with the incident. Swati tried to escape from him was not successful in doing so, She fell on the ground  and the man murdered her brutally.She was let to bleed and no one took the chance to Intend her meanwhile the Culprit escaped from the place.

    The Cops arrived after 2 hours her body was left on the platform.Police recognized her body as S.Swati 24 year old unmarried and working  at a  major It company Infosys.

    Swati travelled to her workplace every day by train. Her father Santhana Gopalakrishnan, who is a Government employee dropped her to the station as every day. As usual Friday her father dropped her at Nungambakkam railway station  few minutes before the incident took place. Infosys employee killed at railway station

    Police suspect the culprit to be an acquainted to Swati. As there was no CCTV camera  at the Nungambakkam railway station The Murderer escaped. further investigations were taken place in the case. Police were questioning her  relatives & friends to get clues of the Murderer thinking that Murderer could be a known one in the circle.

    The Police are Still Investigating, While They Transferred her Body to the Mortuary. This is Saddest Incident to the Family and Our Deepest Condolences and Prayers to the Family.