The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had asked the people of the nation to express their thoughts about what Modi's Speech Should be this Independence day.

Indepence day is the occasion for all the ministers to speak about the country,Narendra Modi on this occasion choose to speak about the issue that nation wanted him to speak.He had announced officially on his website and application.There were around 1500 suggestions for him and people posted on different topics.

There were suggestions from the intolerance issue,The issue of Dalits cows, issue of rape,terrorism on the Kashmir issue and economy and health etc...

The questions asked through Mygov application  and website.

Here are the Suggestions by People for Prime Minister's Speech on Independence Day 2016 

 “Shed light on growing attacks on Dalits and Muslims… Also, some discussion on increasing burden (on the) middle class in the name of tax. We want to know where this tax money is being spent.”
" Unemployment- Measures taken by your government and how unemployed youths will benefit from those schemes. "
 " Silencing those which spoke against security forces- Boosting the moral of security forces is necessary as so called elite class always blame them for Kashmir problem. And they feel backstabbed, as because of them we are exercising our freedom. "
"  Women safety- Make an appeal to all males to respect women "
“ Issues like religious fanaticism are coming in the way of our development and progress. Some politicians and people are trying to divide the country on religious and caste lines.They have to be warned… Some violent fringe elements like gau rakshaks must be warned. ”
" Shed light on growing attacks on Dalits and Muslims… Also, some discussion on increasing burden (on the) middle class in the name of tax. We want to know where this tax money is being spent. "
" Cowsheds should have a ‘food centre with AC and a non-AC hall’ to earn money for the upkeep of cows. There should be ambulance services for cows and other animals, and celebrate 2017 as ‘gau raksha varsh’. "
" Sir, Kindly declare a A National Mission for Sports in your speech. Success of the nation at a global event like Olympics goes beyond pride. It’s a declaration that for those who are willing to combine talent & hard work with aspiration & determination, India will nurture, support & enable their dreams. This message will reach beyond sports into other endeavours, no longer will Indians have to fight the system: the system will fight alongside us! "
" The terrorists and front organizations which lend tacit support for their cause should be tried only in military courts / court martial. Every person indulging in a terror attack has been indoctrinated to develop hatred and animosity on strangers with whom no sane individual can develop enmity. The parameters of criminal act can not be equated with those of a terrorist. So we need special laws for terrorists and probably they can be tried in a military court martial! "
" Sir the words like Dalit Shudra Harijans and swaran should be replaced by schedule castes and non schedule caste. As it appears derogatory to use these words "
" Roots of the corruption should be digged up with understanding, action, cooperation, courage of all the citizens carrying the self-responsibility."
" The girl education should be promoted highly every corner should have education center for daily earner, center should be like banks and post offices in villages, district or in city, this should be more focused in city as most of daily earner lands in city for job with family "

Narendra  Modi will be speaking about the most suggested topics.