Hyderabadi Parents force their teenage daughter to fast , she dies after 68 days of holy starvation!


    A school going teenage girl was forced by her parents to keep fast for almost 68 days , result of which is she lost her life to the so called “Holy Starvation”.

    This holy process turned tragic as she developed certain complications on the 2nd day of conclusion of her fast , where she died on the spot due to cardiac arrest in Hyderabad.

    Aaradhana , a 13 year old teenager who was studying in 8th standard is a student of Francis School , died due to excessive starvation for almost 68 days , which forced upon by her parents.

    This probe began when Child Rights Organisation approached the higher authorities demanding arrest of her parents.

    The Organisation , Balala Hakkula Sangham’s President Anuradha Rao shared that “The girls parent’s forced her to fast unto death , on behest of some Jain Guru!”

    Aaradhana was the eldest of two daughters of jeweller Laxmi Chand who resides at Pot Market in Secunderabad.

    She ended her 68 days of fast on October 1 , but for the next two days that is on October 2 and 3 , she was on a liquid diet and but on the late night of October 3 , she suddenly fell sick.

    Seeing her condition , the family members rushed her to the hospital where she was sweating profusely and gasping for breath and the  doctors of Kaktiya Insititue of Medical Sciences (KIMS) declared her brought dead, though several attempts were made to treat her.

    The Inspector said “Her pulse was low and heartbeat was not normal at that time of reaching hospital”.

    Aaradhana’s parents informed the Police that her daughter was strictly following the fast and did not eat any solid food and she only used to have water and that too after 6 pm.

    The KIMS’ doctor said “Even an adult could survive for 45 days without food but in this case she was a teen who fasted for 68 days in a row. This has drastically affected the functioning of her heart”.

    Though the doctor declared her brought dead , her parent’s requested the doctors to perform the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to get improve her condition.

    Doctors tried , but in vain . The teenager’s funeral was performed only after a huge procession of about 500 persons were taken out from her house to their Jain community’s graveyard at Kavadiguda.

    Some tried to glorified all this , and named the girl as “Bal Tapasvi” and procession as to be “Shobha Yatra”. The police has recorded the statements from her father , Laxmi Chand and some other residents like Suneel Jain and Ashok Jain and as of now there is no confirmation of allegation that her father Laxmi Chand forced her to fast since he was suffering losses in business.