Here is why Amma’s body is Being Buried & Not Cremated !


     The Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha has expired on 5th December due to a major cardiac arrest. There were plenty of chaos going on the internet on media on the death of the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu and it was finally announced officially about the death of the phenomenal lady.

    The whole state weeps on the death of their icon, Amma ! 

    Many ministers are  travelling to Chennai to attend the rituals of Amma. The Pm Narendra Modi has also arrived to attend the demise and its decided by the leaders that Amma would not be cremated but will be buried instead. 

    Amma who was an Iyengar believer was very religious and prayed daily, according to the religion the body of Iyengar should be cremated but not be buried but the state government and the Sasikala family has decided to bury Amma instead of performing the cremation.

    The reason for this  is explained by the senior government secretary that “She was not an Iyengar for us,” he said. “She was beyond any caste or religious identity. Even most of all the Dravidian leaders, including Periyar, Anna Durai and MGR, were all buried and we do not have a precedent of consigning their body to flames even after death. So, we bury them with sandalwood and rose water.”

    The Mentor of Jayalalithaa was also buried on the Marina beach, as Amma lived following the footsteps of MGR and the fans and followers believe they can still hear the sound of MGR’s watch ticking and decided to Burry Amma in the  Marina Beach.

    A Political analyst said “ Since she was a believer, it is obvious that people expect her being cremated after death. But they need a blood relative to light the funeral pyre. The only blood relative left for Jayalalithaa here is Deepa Jayakumar (daughter of Jayakumar, Jayalalithaa’s late brother). It is obvious that Sasikala clan doesn’t want to entertain Deepa anywhere near the funeral procession fearing a potential challenge,”

    Deepa is a researcher  in Media was also not allowed to meet Amma in the Apollo hospital.