[Cheapest] Personalized Weight Loss Plan for Men and Women – Guaranteed Results!


Every year, at least 40% of the adult population tries to lose weight. If you are one of them, then this article is for you. When it comes to losing weight, the majority of people immediately cut down on food intake. But that is not entirely a good solution. It would help if you had a balanced diet with essential multivitamins, nutrients, and proteins to proportionate weight for your height.

While regular meal planning and exercise are undoubtedly beneficial, additional health supplements can further encourage your fitness. To your comfort, HealthKart has a bag full of doctor-approved dietary supplements deliverable at your doorstep. You can opt for a monthly or annual weight loss plan at the lowest price possible.

[Cheapest] Personalized Weight Loss Plan for Men and Women - Guaranteed Results!

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So without further ado, here are some best weight-loss plans.

Best Weight Loss Diet Plan For Adults –

  1. Include vegetables, Protein, Fat in your Diet

Your daily meal should have vegetables, a source of protein and fat. Generously eat green leafy vegetables full of nutrients to maintain your daily metabolism. Try to consume vegetables with low carb and calories such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, etc. For breakfast, eat fruits or boiled eggs to intake proteins naturally. It is necessary to maintain muscle mass.

According to Health Experts, men need 56-91 grams of protein per day. In contrast, women need 46-75 grams of protein per day. And for fats, you can add olive oil or avocado oil to your two meals. Usually, the above diet tips work for both men and women. However, you might need custom health supplements based on your overall health.

Healthkart has a collection of specific weight-loss health supplements for men and women. The cost of these products might vary. But not to worry, as you can certainly get the best deal using HealthKart promo codes.

  1. Plant-Based Diet

You might have heard about the vegan diet in which dairy and meat products are completely cut down to reduce weight. However, a vegan diet is not suitable for everyone. In that case, a plant-based diet is a good choice. The diet plan usually includes plant-born food such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, and even plant-based milk.

Additionally, the diet involves moderate consumption of meat and dairy products. So that makes it balanced for most body types. As dairy products could be hard to digest, you can keep that to a minimum quantity.

  1. Restrict Consumption of Carbs

Carbs restricted diet controls the sugar level and naturally boosts weight loss. This diet plan limits cakes, candies, bread, pasta, and everything with sugar or carbs. Carbs can also reduce your appetite. Hence, instead of refined carbs, you can eat whole grains to stay energized for the entire day.

In addition to that, try dietician-recommended add-ons such as multivitamins, weight loss foods, omega-3 enriched foods, and some specialized supplements. If you try applying the Healthkart discount coupon code on your purchase, you’ll earn handsome Cashback.

  1. Regular Exercise

Regular body movement and exercise are as important as the diet plan. Hence, pair your diet with running, cycling, weight lifting, skipping, and some yoga. You can get training from a skilled gym instructor or yoga expert to plan your daily exercise sessions. It is certainly going to make a difference.

Start slow and gradually develop your exercise practices. As men and women need different types of exercise, it’s better to understand what suits your body.

Final Words

The above diet plan will certainly show guaranteed results. And a proper meal along with dietary supplements can strengthen your immune system. You can easily order a wide range of healthy drinks, herbal oils, vitamins, and weight-loss essential products with EXTRA CASHBACK.

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