The “Rules” On CBD Oil For Horses


Hemp-derived CBD oil is legal for sale and consumption for humans and pets of any size, but there are rules and regulations determined by each state and through varying “authoritative” bodies.

There seems to be great flexibility, however, in enforcing the guidelines. For example, governing agencies disallow establishments to incorporate the compound in food or beverages for either humans or animals and yet you can find these products pretty readily. But the reason for the ban is the FDA currently deems the substance a ‘medicine’ due to its only approval, thus far, as an anti-seizure medication. This speaks in favor of its efficacy.

In the horse arena, CBD is not allowed for animals while they’re engaged in competition. As of September 1, 2019, USEF added the substance to the drug test schedule done randomly. In order to compete, the horse needs to stop taking CBD at least 7 days prior to the show. This speaks for the potency of the oil. Read to find out if horses benefit from the compound here.

CBD: An Effective, Potent Treatment For The Horse Species

Horses have the appearance of a strong, infallible creature, but equestrians understand the common ills faced by their equine. Pharmaceutical drugs are harsh often providing nasty adverse reactions in addition to already distressing symptoms.

In searching for organic options that are potent enough to work with this massive animal and effective enough to handle their many ailments, many equestrians are turning to CBD oil as a reliable solution. While it should never replace a visit from the farrier, it can work hand-in-hand with a care plan instituted by a medical provider in reducing symptoms associated with the specific conditions these animals suffer.

In order to determine an adequate CBD dosage level, horses, the farrier will have the experience to determine accurately based on the animal’s size, conditioning, and overall health. Typically, the packaging of the products will also give guidance on how to administer the compound.

The ‘rule of thumb’ for all mammals is to begin with a minimal dose for the size to see what the reaction is. The recommendation is 25 mg of substance for each 1000 pound. From that point, the dose can be increased at a slow, gradual pace until the optimum level has been obtained.

Administering CBD Oil For Equine

Administration can often prove challenging with animals of any species. With conditions like mood disorders, joint pain, anxiety, inflammation, the suggestion for horses is to allow oral consumption with a dropper or syringe. Absorption using this technique in the oral cavity is considered to be the most effective and tends to ‘kick in’ as soon as a few minutes, no later than approximately an hour.

If this method becomes difficult, you can use the oil in a horse’s feed or buy pellets infused with the substance. For ponies who have experienced an injury or present with swelling in their body, topicals can be massaged into the area directly.

Rather than using isolate or full-spectrum products for a horse, it is recommended equestrians employ broad-spectrum oil for their equine. These allow the animal to experience all the benefits associated with the profile, but with no intoxicating effects.

Cannabidiol is potentially the organic, nontoxic, potent, effective product equestrians are searching for, capable of safe use with horses in promoting optimum wellness emotionally, mentally, and physically when used in conjunction with the supervision of a reputable farrier.

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Final Thought

The horse is a magnificent animal, admired and respected throughout the world, with many having the misconception that the animal is invincible due to its size. Sadly, there are many ailments that befall this gentle giant. But CBD oil and other cannabidiol products are showing as beneficial in helping equestrians manage these various ailments. For answers to common questions relating to horses and CBD oil go to .

Remember to check the packaging labels for dosing directives and don’t buy anything less than high-quality, reputable brands. The ideal resource for consultation and recommendations will always be the horse’s farrier. While there is no prescription required for CBD oil or the products, there is never a substitution for sound medical advice.


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