Is Laser Fistula Surgery Safe?


A fistula is an unnatural tract or tunnel that occurs in between the rectum and the anus. Dirt, fluid, pus and feces excrete from the opening of the tunnel.

Anal fistulas originate from minute glands in the anus. But, when the pus and dirt filled fluid build up, it can lead to infection in the cavity, which can lead to constant drainage from the anus. The fistula tract can either run under the mucosal membrane or pass through the sphincter.

Is Laser Fistula Surgery Safe

What happens before the fistula surgery?

A proctologist diagnoses a fistula using an ultrasound or a digital exam. A medical professional may recognise an anal fistula by simply viewing the anal area. If a fistula cannot be diagnosed by simply viewing the anal area, the proctologist might recommend a mMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that can be used to have a better view of the fistula tracts and the abscesses adjacent to the tracts.

Surgical intervention is often required to heal a fistula and is considered as the best possible treatment for the fistula. A fistula surgery is performed either under the influence of a general or spinal anesthesia.

Laser Surgery for Fistula Treatment – Is it Safe?

Laser therapy for anal fistula has evoleved as the most effective and muscle-friendly surgical treatment.

During the treatment, a precisely defined laser energy is introduced in the fistula tract through a laser probe. This process very gently destroys the tissue of the anal area. The surgeon does not have to extract the pus or clear the drainage manually unlike during a complex open surgery. Once the fistula is cleared, the surgeon draws out the laser probe and closes the fistula.

The laser treatment is completed in just a few minutes. The treatment doesn’t not disturb the healthy tissue in any way. The laser surgery is nearly painless and the recovery period is comparatively much shorter than any conventional surgical treatment for fistula.

Benefits of laser surgery:

Here are a few benefits of the laser treatment for anal fistula:

– Short surgical procedure

– The process is minimally invasive

– Heals faster than any conventional surgeries

– Daycare procedure

– Almost a painless procedure

– Patient can return to normal routine in lesser time

– Negligible chances of recurrence

Recovery after laser surgery for anal fistula:

Laser suregry for anal fistula is a quick and comfortable treatment. As laser surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, the patient can return home the very same day.

– The patient can resume daily work after 2-3 days of the surgery.

– The person should refrain from doing any strenuous activities until the doctor suggests otherwise.

– The patient should consume only fiber rich diet and should refrain from any kind spicy or junk food for the next few days.

– It is advisable to contact the doctor in case any abnormalities appear.

A quick comprison between open suregry and laser suregry for anal fistula to understand why laser surgery is safe:

  1. In open surgery, local anesthesia is given whereas in laser suregry, the patient si adminsitered with general anethesia.
  2. The surgeon needs to make big cuts to drain the pus in open surgery whereas in laser surgery, no major incisions are made.
  3. The open cuts make the process quite painful in open surgery. Whereas, in laser surgery, the patient hardly feels any pain.
  4. The open wounds have the potential to lead the fistula to recur. But in laser surgery, since the fistula tract is healed with a laser probe, there is negligible chances of recurrence.
  5. Open surgery takes time to heal. A patient with laser surgery heals in a much shorter span of time and can get back to normal life within 2-3 days.

6. Open surgery is a longer surgical process. Laser surgery on the other takes only 30 minutes to complete.


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