Health is wealth !!


    HEALTH is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of any living organism. A person is nothing without a good health. In today’s fast moving world everyone tends to keep health as their last preference. In their race to have a better lifestyle they totally neglect their health.

    Although , youngsters these days have a slight concern about their health and hence make it a point to hit the gym on a regular basis. But, the major issue with our generation is that we want results that are equivalent to say a month’s hard work in 2 weeks. This eagerness to see the results quickly causes people to turn to methods that aren’t healthy. They’d definitely give you the results in much lesser time but at what cost? They have their side effects! 

    One of the most commonly used method is the intake of steroids. Steroid consumption gives you the desired body in a jiffy compared to the actual time required to get the desired results. But the negative effect of steroids can cause much harm not only to the body but also to the brain. They cause eye damage and hair damage as well. Moreover it causes serious damage to the heart as well.
    Just for getting your desired body quickly one has to pay such a cost. Is it worth it? No. One should always follow the regular norms of a workout session in order to get that dream body.

    Just remember there is no shortcut for a good and a healthy body .