Happiness of Indians truly lie in this Little Things, Happy Happiness day !


    Sure, we all want to be happy – we feel great, the world seems a little brighter, and it doesn’t hurt that we seem to get more done.  But how much do we really know about happiness?

    Here are little things that surely makes every Indian happy.

    we Indians always find happiness around us and everyone has their own definition of happiness at last happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness.

    Some people get happiness by eating food, spending time with their loved ones, Bunking lectures and sitting in the canteen, Traveling alone, watching movies, taking selfies, reading novels, getting reply from your crush or doing whatever you love. Being happy always, never goes out of fashion and so we Indians get happy at little things.

    As it is the International day of happiness and this day is celebrated since 2013 all over the world so here are some little things which makes Indians happy. 

    50% off on things you wish to buy.

    Tatkal Ticket Confirmation

    When you find money in your pocket.

    Getting Window seat in public transport

    Doing “Nagin Dance” in Baraat 

    Getting drunk and laughing insanely

    Getting recharge by mistake.

    Getting 1st Salary.

    Getting free Wifi.

    When you get things at the price you bargain 

    “Yaad rakhna ki duniya ke kisi kone mein ek aadmi hai joh bahut khush hai, kyun ki tum khush ho”, So be happy always and spread happiness around you.

    When we get all the things above then it’s like “Mogambo Khush Hua”.