Haj Begins in Saudi Arabia, Nearly 1.5 million pilgrims attend to perform Haj !!


    The Holy Haj that is performed in the last Islamic month, The Haj is Done after which  the BakrId  Celebrated !!

    Haj is performed in the holy Mecca, every year over millions of people come from all over the world to attend the Haj!!

    This year over 1.5 million have been  turned out to attend the Haj, Haj is one among the five principles of Islam,every Muslim has to perform the ritual once in their lifetime !!

    The previous  year two incidents had occurred in Mecca that was the  falling of the huge crane and the stampede that killed more than 2000 people that were the largest stampede ever occurred in Mecca !!

    The incident so occurred when the people were going for throwing stones and the two groups of people had come up on a single path that leads to stampede.even after the previous incident 1.5 million people are attending the Haj.

    After the prayers from the Holy mosque, the pilgrims move on to the  mina where is their base that put tents and settle for some time,after  which they move to throw stones that will start on Monday.

    Proper measures are taken by the officials to avoid accidents occurring also the government officials have moved from the place to reduce the crowd.