Government accepts Aadhaar Card details have been Leaked !


    The Government of India admits that the Adhaar details of the individuals have been leaked to the public domain. This is a scary situation for the people who have their Aadhaar card linked to their Bank accounts or any other personal accounts, the info related to your aadhaar card may get hacked soon, It’s no longer secure to use anything that synchronizes with the Aadhaar card number.

    To the irony, the first time in India, the government has accepted the personal Aadhaar card data of the individuals have been leaked, the info also includes Aadhaar number and other personal data. There were many threats over the Aadhaar Card Data on the internet when the government tried to link the Aadhaar card to for everything. 

    The letter written by Electronics and Information Technology, accessed by Express, confirm that the data has been leaked online, while a few days back the same  Ministry of Electronics had given a statement of assurance,  that the Aadhaar Card Data is safe and secured.

    “There have been instances wherein personal identity or information of residents, including Aadhaar number and demographic information and other sensitive personal data such as bank account details etc. collected by various Ministries/Departments… has been reportedly published online and is accessible through an easy online search,” Archana Dureja, a scientist in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, wrote on March 25.

    “Publishing information like Aadhaar number along with name, date of birth, address etc. is a clear contravention of provisions of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and is punishable with imprisonment of up to three years,” the letter said.

    The Letter also spoke about the ministers “The offending parties are liable to pay damages in the form of compensation to persons affected.”

     The issue was also discussed in the parliament, However, the reason for the leak can be considered, adding to the concern is the government’s aggression in pushing for inclusion of the UID across platforms, from filing I-T returns to obtaining PAN cards, and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s assertion when asked if the scheme was being forced on people, saying “Yes, we are.” according to NIE

    Hope the Government takes a quick action against the leak of data, till then secure your personal accounts and their details without linking it to Aadhaar Card.